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A currency discriminator for determining the denomination of a bank note or the like is disclosed. It includes a source of light directed at the note to be identified. A 2 mm.times.80 mm stripe is illuminated and the reflected light from the illuminated area is measured by a detector and converted i ...

Mitchell R Dorfman, Burton A Kushner: Aluminum and boron nitride thermal spray powder. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, H S Ingham, E T Grimes, September 17, 1991: US05049450 (88 worldwide citation)

A composite thermal spray powder for abradable coatings is formed as homogeneously agglomerated particles. Each agglomerated particle consists of pluralities of subparticles of boron nitride and subparticles of aluminum or aluminum alloy bonded with an organic binder.

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A completely automated kinetic analyzer particularly suited for performing classical kinetic chemistries on an ultra-micro scale. The analyzer comprises a sample preparation unit and a photometric analytical unit. The preparation unit includes a rotationally indexed tray of sample containers present ...

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A plasma generating system comprises a plasma gun including a hollow cylindrical anode member, a hollow cylindrical intermediate member electrically isolated from and juxtaposed coaxially with the anode member to form a plasma-forming gas passage through the intermediate member and the anode member, ...

Abe Offner: Restricted off-axis field optical system. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, Giarratana, F L Masselle, E T Grimes, October 6, 1981: US04293186 (71 worldwide citation)

This invention provides, in a restricted off-axis field optical system having a broad spectral range, which includes refracting elements, the improvement comprising:

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A rotor blade is for a gas turbine engine having a plurality of rotor blades and a substantially coaxial shroud encompassing the tips of the blades. A ceramic layer is bonded to the blade tip, the ceramic layer consisting of a combination of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide or at least partially s ...

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The present invention is directed to an improved test wafer for testing the overlay alignment of a second level pattern over a first level pattern for testing lithographic equipment used in making microcircuits, which includes four conductors with circuitry provided for each conductor measuring the ...

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Apparatus for plasma etching of semiconductor devices. A plasma chamber is inductively coupled to a source of A.C. power wherein the semiconductor devices are etched. Alternately, the semiconductor devices may be etched or stripped at a location downstream of the plasma chamber.

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Laminated wafers with channels formed therein define a plurality of gas chromatographic columns in a body, with substantially minimal connecting channels between an injector and a detector. One or more of the columns at a time is selected by valve to be receptive of sample gas. Detector and injector ...

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An impedance matching network for continuously and automatically maximizing RF power transfer to a plasma emission torch includes a dual phase detector network. Signals from the detector network control, via a control unit, a variable impedance network.