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A vibration isolator of the type used for mounting industrial equipment, having the capability of measuring forces exerted upon the isolator to adjust the support provided by each of the isolators upon which the equipment is mounted so as to provide the most suitable distribution of support and to r ...

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Traction stud assemblies for snowmobile belt include a pair of spaced parallel studs rigidly connected at one end to a common flat support plate. The studs are threaded to serve both as mounting as well as traction elements.

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A system of vibration-absorbing, height-adjustable, force-sensing components, adapted to be incorporated in support members of a unit of industrial equipment to enable precise alignment and balancing of such equipment, to minimize noise generated thereby and to achieve greater precision and efficien ...

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An apparatus for removing limbs from the trunk of a tree in which a hydraulically-activated compression ring operates to keep a segmented circular array of curved cutter blades in intimate branch-shearing contact with a tree trunk of variable size as said tree is fed endwise through the machine. The ...