John J Croat: High coercivity rare earth-iron magnets. General Motors Corporation, E F Harasek, January 29, 1985: US04496395 (50 worldwide citation)

Ferromagnetic compositions having intrinsic magnetic coercivities at room temperature of at least 1,000 Oersteds are formed by the controlled quench of molten rare earth-transition metal alloys. Hard magnets may be inexpensively formed from the lower atomic weight lanthanide elements and iron.

Warren L Jubelt: End finishing composite trim strips. General Motors Corporation, E F Harasek, November 9, 1982: US04358482 (24 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for end finishing an elongated composite trim strip. The show surface of a strip is first coated with a mask material. The strip is then cut so that the mask material covers the show surface adjacent the cut end. The end is painted and the mask material peeled away taking with i ...

David C Dolan, Jimmie L Grimes, David C Broman, Kwan Ho Bae: Automated door locking system for aircraft lavatory. The Boeing Company, E F Harasek, B A Donahue, February 19, 1991: US04994722 (21 worldwide citation)

A system for automatically locking a lavatory door on an aircraft from a remote location comprises means for activating the system, means for sensing the presence of a person in the lavatory, means for locking the lavatory when it is unoccupied and means for selectively overriding the system to allo ...

Andrew R Chraplyvy, John J Croat, Jan F Herbst: Selective magnetization of manganese-aluminum alloys. General Motors Corporation, E F Harasek, January 26, 1982: US04312684 (15 worldwide citation)

A portion of a nonmagnetic body of manganese-aluminum based alloy is tempered in situ to a state of high magnetic coercivity. The magnetically coercive portion may be used, e.g., to store magnetically readable information or to provide a tailored permanent magnetic field for an electrical device.

Robert F Winberg: Materials and method for preventing high temperature seize between metal parts. General Motors Corporation, E F Harasek, June 2, 1981: US04270348 (11 worldwide citation)

Seize is prevented between metal surfaces exposed to high temperature and corrosive gases by an antiseize coating layer. The coating comprises per 100 weight parts, about 10-30 parts chemically inert anti-seize particles that have a fusion point above about 100.degree. C. and are in the size range o ...

Robert J Salloum, Clifford C Duff: Method for reclaiming polyurethane foam. General Motors Corporation, E F Harasek, May 4, 1982: US04328368 (8 worldwide citation)

A method if provided for continuously hydrolyzing urethane foam in a vertically oriented hydrolysis reactor. In a preferred practice, a bed of foam particles is formed in the reactor. Superheated steam is flowed continuously upward through the bed at a temperature and rate such that only the foam pa ...

Thomas E Trnka: Method for reticulating perforated sheets. The Boeing Company, E F Harasek, B A Donahue, D T Anderson, February 5, 1991: US04990201 (3 worldwide citation)

A novel method is provided for reticulating adhesive-backed, perforated substrates. The method entails tacking a continuous sheet of viscous reticulating adhesive to one side of the substrate and then contacting the other side with heated air. The temperature of the air is regulated such that the ad ...

John Newbould, Angelo J Cosentino, Paul E Wright: Polyamide based thermoplastic body solder. General Motors Corporation, E F Harasek, March 9, 1982: US04318839 (3 worldwide citation)

An extrudable thermoplastic body solder which has the necessary physical properties for automotive applications is formed from a mixture of high and low viscosity nylons based on dicarboxylic acids and hexamethylene diamine filled with suitable particulate and fibrous fillers.