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A novel probe, useful for near-field optical scanning microscopy, is provided. The probe has a fine tip which includes fluorescent material. In one embodiment, the invention is an apparatus which includes such a probe, means for exciting and detecting fluorescence in the probe tip, means for positio ...

Tanya E Jewell, J Michael Rodgers: Apparatus for semiconductor lithography. AT&T Bell Laboratories, E E Pacher, November 5, 1991: US05063586 (101 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is apparatus, exemplarily semiconductor X-ray lithography apparatus, that comprises a novel projection system. In preferred embodiments the projection system is adapted for use with radiation of wavelength below about 30 nm. The system comprises four or more mirrors that form a finite conj ...

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An optical system useful, e.g., for near-field scanning optical microscopy is provided. The system incorporates a probe having improved properties. In one embodiment, the probe comprises a tapered and partially metallized portion of a single-mode optical fiber.

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Disclosed are planar waveguides comprising substantially polarization-independent Bragg gratings. A preferred embodiment of the invention comprises a Si body with a silica lower cladding layer thereon, and a phosphorus P-doped silica core on the lower cladding. Appropriate periodic recessed features ...

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A scanning, imaging system is described. A probe having a fine tip is disposed adjacent the surface of a sample and scanned in a pattern lying in a plane substantially parallel to the surface. Means are provided for oscillating the probe tip, substantially within the scanning plane. Shear forces, ac ...

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Unexpectedly large normalized refractive index changes (.DELTA.>10.sup.-5, but possibly even larger than 10.sup.-3) can be obtained in SiO.sub.2 -based optical waveguides (fiber or planar waveguides) by a treatment that comprises exposing at least a portion of the waveguide at a temperature of at mo ...

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A method and apparatus are described for verifying handwritten, human signatures, and for permitting access to a system if such a signature is accepted. In an initializing stage, an authorized entrant submits a sample of multiple signatures. A first reference signature is selected from the sample, a ...

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An illustrative method and structural arrangement for reconfiguration of switching system functional units where although the distributed control entities and the distributed switch units of a switching system are in fixed association, the association between peripheral circuits and the control and ...

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An active optical device comprises a glass, waveguiding structure disposed on a substantially planar principal surface of a substrate. The structure includes a silica-based, erbium-doped active core. The active core has an erbium-to-silicon atomic ratio of at least about 0.01, an absolute erbium con ...

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Disclosed is an article comprising a stacked array of electronic subassemblies, each subassembly including one or more integrated circuits and a thermally conductive base member that is perforated with holes. Motivating means are provided for causing a coolant fluid to pass through the holes in a di ...