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A method of fast charging batteries by means of precise analysis of the profile of the variation with time of a characteristic of the battery which is indicative of the variation in stored chemical energy as the battery is charged. The method specifically comprises analyzing the profile for the occu ...

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A fastener for releasably securing first and second panels together includes a pin for being secured in an opening of a first panel, and a grommet for being secured in an opening of the second panel and for releasably receiving a shank of the pin to thereby releasably secure the first and second pan ...

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A system for first setting a blind rivet and then verifying the correctness of the set comprising a rivet setting tool to set the rivet and computer logic to verify the correctness of the set. The setting tool includes a jaw assembly for holding the stem of the rivet's mandrel fitted to an axially m ...

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A blind rivet comprising a mandrel 2 and a sleeve 3 is provided with two external grooves 11, 12 of different cross-section. This enables the rivet to set on the blind side of a workpiece to form a taper 19 increasing in diameter towards the blind side of the workpiece 20.

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A fastener 1 includes a stud 2 and a nut 3. The stud comprises a shank 21 having a breakable portion 22 at a mid portion thereof, a resilient section 24 formed at one end of the shank, a nut engagement portion including a threaded portion 28 extending up to the breakable portion along the shank, and ...

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A plastics pipe clip comprising at least one article-securing member carried on a support mount adapted to be engaged on a stud projecting from a surface to which the pipe is to be secured having the article-securing member mounted on a flexible bridge member carried by the support mount. The flexib ...

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An improved blind rivet assembly is disclosed, in which a plastics cylinder is moulded along a pulling stem of a long break mandrel. On setting the mandrel is broken within the cylinder providing the cylinder with an additional degree of shear strength, allowing the cylinder to be used as a support.