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A mirror assembly has a housing that defines a cavity therein. A mirror is disposed within the cavity. The mirror transmits and reflects at least a portion of the light incident thereupon. A light guide has a first surface spaced a predetermined distance apart from the second surface. The light guid ...

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Isotonic, iso-osmotic, pH balanced thermoreversible gels are ideal medical devices or vehicles for drug injection into the body of a mammal. The osmolality in the gel state can be calculated by assuming that a polyoxyalkylene block copolymer or polyether present in said gel does not contribute to th ...

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A leadless semiconductor package mainly comprises a semiconductor chip disposed on a die pad and electrically connected to a plurality of leads arranged around the die pad. There are a plurality of tie bars connected to the die pad. The lower surface of each lead has an indentation formed correspond ...

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A composite laminate beam for an automotive body construction has an outer structural portion an an inner tube portion separated by a thin layer of structural foam. The beam may take the form of a radiator support structure, a windshield pillar, a rocker assembly or a drive shaft or similar structur ...

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An object locating, identifying, tracking, and surveillance system, denoted the Assets Locating, Tracking, and Surveillance System (ALTSS), is provided for managing physical objects and evidence in environments such as police departments, law offices, and the Courts. ALTSS employs radio frequency id ...

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An intramedullary rod having a cylindrical proximal portion and a rectangular distal portion has a tapering blade-like portion. The intramedullary rod provides rotational stability and resistance to axial migration. Proximal and distal transfixation holes may be provided in the intramedullary rod.

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An array of electrodes at the atomic or nano scale (nanoelectrodes) is built on a chip. The spatial distribution, height, width and electrochemical composition of the nanoelectrodes is varied, such that protein-specific electronic receptors are built directly on the chip with the nanoelectrodes with ...

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The invention relates to an implantable stimulator electrode for stimulation of nerves adapted to be surgically implanted around a nerve bundle, said stimulator comprising one or more electrode means which, when implanted around said nerve bundle, surrounds the nerve bundle totally or partly. Electr ...

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An air filter cleanness gauge is provided. The gauge in a preferred embodiment includes a transparent cover. The housing has a first opening for fluid communication with the atmosphere and a second opening having fluid communication with a fluid source exposed to a filter. A vane is pivotally connec ...

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A semiconductor device having bump electrodes mainly comprises a specialized under bump metallurgy (UBM) applied to a chip with copper contact pads. Typically, the chip comprises a substrate and at least one copper contact pad on the substrate. A passivation layer is formed over the substrate and ha ...