Tom D Bennett, Russell L Lundstrom Jr, Paul M Stein: Post-extrasystolic potentiation stimulation with physiologic sensor feedback. Medtronic, Dwight N Holmbo, Harold R Patton, May 25, 1993: US05213098 (310 worldwide citation)

A post-extrasystolic potentiation (PESP) cardiac pacing energy stimulator for applying paired and/or triggered pacing stimulation pulses to the right atrium and/or ventricle incorporating one or more sensors, such as a venous oxygen saturation, ventricular, atrial, or arterial blood pressure, or int ...

Stephan Bork, Oren Eliezer, Carl M Panasik: Wireless location and direction indicator for multiple devices. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Dwight N Holmbo, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, June 12, 2001: US06246376 (164 worldwide citation)

A system and method for wireless communication between two devices allows the transfer of location information through a cellular or “BLUETOOTH” link that can be used to provide a continuous indication of estimated distance and direction relative to the two devices in communication with one another.

John D Wahlstrand, Girard B Borgerding, Daniel R Greeninger, Daniel J Baxter: Method and apparatus for rate-responsive cardiac pacing. Medtronic, Dwight N Holmbo, Harold R Patton, December 21, 1993: US05271395 (142 worldwide citation)

A rate-responsive cardiac pacemaker comprising a minute ventilation circuit and an activity circuit. The minute ventilation circuit computes a first target pacing rate as a function of measurements of the patient's pleural blood impedance, and the activity circuit computes a second target pacing rat ...

Naftali Sommer, Ofir Shalvi, Mordechai Segal: High stability fast tracking adaptive equalizer for use with time varying communication channels. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Dwight N Holmbo, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, May 29, 2001: US06240133 (123 worldwide citation)

An adaptive equalizer capable of tracking rapid channel variations while maintaining high stability and low jitter, and a receiver constructed therefrom. A novel feature of the invention is that is that the equalizer is sectioned, that is constructed from a plurality of feed-forward sections and dec ...

Xiaoyu Xi: PMOS low drop-out voltage regulator using non-inverting variable gain stage. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Dwight N Holmbo, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, June 12, 2001: US06246221 (103 worldwide citation)

A high power supply ripple rejection (PSRR) internally compensated low drop-out voltage regulator using an output PMOS pass device. The voltage regulator uses a non-inversion variable gain amplifier stage to adjust its gain in response to a load current passing through the output PMOS device such th ...


Gary E Nelson, David L Thompson: Low cost implantable medical device. Medtronic, Dwight N Holmbo, Harold R Patton, March 8, 1994: US05292342 (68 worldwide citation)

A low cost, limited-function implantable medical device. The device's synchronous circuits are driven by an ultra-slow master clock signal produced without utilization of a crystal oscillator. The device is non-invasively programmable by means of an externally applied programming magnet, which is de ...

Glenn M Roline, Lucy M Nichols, David L Thompson, Tommy D Bennett: Rate responsive cardiac pacemaker and method for providing an optimized pacing rate which varies with a patients physiologic demand. Medtronic, Dwight N Holmbo, Harold R Patton, February 1, 1994: US05282839 (49 worldwide citation)

A rate responsive cardiac pacemaker for providing an optimized pacing rate of stimulation pulses as a function of at least one selected rate control parameter. Each rate control parameter has a value which varies as a function of changes in a patient's physiologic demand and includes a sensor system ...

Xiaoyu Xi, William C Black Jr: Parallel-to-serial CMOS data converter with a selectable bit width mode D flip-flop M matrix. Iowa State University Research Foundation, Dwight N Holmbo, November 9, 1999: US05982309 (48 worldwide citation)

A high-speed parallel-to-serial CMOS data transmitter uses a D Flip-flop matrix architecture to combine a shift scheme with a selection scheme to serialize parallel bit data. Data is partially serialized through multi data paths at a much lower frequency and a time-division multiplex scheme selects ...

Kevin Kornher: Storage buffer that dynamically adjusts boundary between two storage areas when one area is full and the other has an empty data register. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Dwight N Holmbo, W James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, July 25, 2000: US06094695 (47 worldwide citation)

An electronic storage buffer (22) is efficiently used by dividing the buffer into a first (26) and second (28) storage area with a dynamically adjustable boundary (24) governing the respective sizes of each storage area. If the first storage area becomes full with data, the first storage area can be ...

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