Judy J Johnson, James R McElroy Jr: Computer based records management system method. UniVirtual, Duane Morris & Heckscher, September 22, 1998: US05813009 (929 worldwide citation)

A computer based records management system comprises an information filter for assuring that record data units offered to the system for storage are complete and not redundant. These record data units may be electronic in nature, scanned from paper, digitally formed from audio, video or otherwise fo ...

Andrew J Kuzma: Transmitting electronic mail attachment over a network using a e-mail page. Intel Corporation, Duane Morris & Heckscher, July 14, 1998: US05781901 (528 worldwide citation)

Transmitting e-mail attachments from a sender of a network to a recipient of the network. According to an embodiment, an attachment is stored in a storage means visible to the network and relatively local to the sender, the attachment having a unique network address. The sender requests an e-mail op ...

Paulo S Tubel: Method and system for monitoring smart structures utilizing distributed optical sensors. Duane Morris, July 5, 2005: US06913079 (289 worldwide citation)

A monitoring system and method for monitoring a predetermined set of physical characteristics associated with a structure using the monitoring system. The system is distributed in the structure and comprises a distributed optical sensing device (30), further comprising a fiber optic cable (20, 22); ...

Russell Snyder: Web search engine with graphic snapshots. Duane Morris, November 4, 2003: US06643641 (267 worldwide citation)

A search engine manages the indexing of web page contents and accepts user selection criteria to find and report hits that meet the search criteria. The inventive search engine has an associated crawler function wherein display images of the web pages are rendered and stored as snapshots, preferably ...


Ping Wen Ong: Navigation system with three-dimensional display. Lucent Technologies, Duane Morris & Heckscher, September 4, 2001: US06285317 (227 worldwide citation)

A navigation system for a mobile vehicle includes a vehicle position data generator for generating signals indicating location of the mobile vehicle, and scene information provider which generates information representative of the layouts of local environs at various locations and a display. A real ...

Bandula Wijay: Flexible stent. Duane Morris & Heckscher, March 20, 2001: US06203569 (219 worldwide citation)

A stent is disclosed which comprises generally of ring having, in the preferred embodiment, crossties that have flexibility by having at least one bend. The rings themselves have predetermined stress-relieving points to predispose, by stress relief, particular segments of each ring to bend upon appl ...

George J Magovern: Apparatus and method for reversibly reshaping a body part. Duane Morris & Heckscher, November 9, 1999: US05979456 (202 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for reversibly modifying the shape of a selected portion of the body such as the pharynx, to produce a desired result, for example, to overcome obstructive sleep apnea by urging open the pharynx. The apparatus includes a preconfigured structure having a shape-memory with an a ...


James Huntington Dabney, Richard L Quick, Conrad Sawicz, Paul Lubock, Dan Kussman: High frequency power source. SenoRx, Duane Morris, September 16, 2003: US06620157 (201 worldwide citation)

A high frequency electrosurgical power generator configured to produce electrical power at a frequency of about 1 to about 14 MHz and preferably having an essentially sinusoidal waveform with a voltage level up to 1,000 Vrms, and a current level up to 5 Amps. The output of the high frequency electro ...

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