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A sheet-form material suitable as wound dressing and having enhanced moisture control properties is disclosed. This sheet-form material includes a porous sheet of absorbent, elastomeric segmented polyurethane having an open pore structure and an apertured adhesive facing on one side of the porous sh ...

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A means for carrying out sequential, solid phase syntheses is disclosed as are methods of its use. The synthesis means comprises a foraminous container that encloses reactive particles. The particles are larger than any of the foraminae and have a known amount of covalently linked organic synthesis ...

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A hydrophilic, segmented polyether polyurethane-urea that exhibits an increase in tensile strength and elongation when wet with water and is capable of forming visually clear films permeable to water vapor is disclosed.

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An electrosurgery instrument having ducts to direct a stream of fluid past the electrode to dissipate the smoke produced in surgery. The instrument can also be provided with a light-transmitting cable to illuminate a region around the electrode.

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A mechanically expandable esophageal catheter has an elongated flexible body which carries at a distal end thereof one or more electrically conducting members. The conducting members are moveable laterally with respect to the body portion of the catheter by means of a mechanical structure contained ...

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A controlled release treatment composition and method of use are disclosed. The composition includes a bioadhesive and an effective amount of a treating agent. The bioadhesive is a water-swellable, but water-insoluble, fibrous, cross-linked carboxy-functional polymer containing (a) a plurality of re ...

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A catheter device for accessing an internal body site along a small-diameter vessel path containing branch points in which the path may follow either the larger of smaller-diameter branch vessels. The device includes a catheter having a distal-end inflatable ballon and a distal-end aperture. A guide ...

Debra Fienberg: Lottery-type game system with bonus award. Douglas Press, Dressler Goldsmith Shore Sutker & Milnamow, September 10, 1991: US05046737 (190 worldwide citation)

A lottery-type game system providing multiple levels of play includes a plurality of playing cards and a master game card used in conjunction therewith. Each of the playing cards includes a plurality of game symbols, with predetermined selected ones of the game symobls being used to identify players ...

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An efficient, portable, easy to operate fastener applying tool is disclosed that is powered by the gases produced from the internal combustion of a fuel and air mixture. The tool uses an internally contained supply of liquified gas stored under pressure in a cylinder. Air is drawn in from outside th ...

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A shelf divider system comprising a divider wall mountable in a channel member secured to the front of a shelf. A spring-urged pusher member is slidably mounted on a track having a pair of rails integral with the divider shaft. In one embodiment, the operationally mounted divider wall is vertically ...