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In a personal Internet communication device, a security key is stored on the master boot record. Any bootable device attempting to write operating system files or software files must have an authorized signature key in order to be eligible to install files on the personal Internet communication devi ...

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A system and method for obtaining coherence permission for speculative prefetched data. A memory controller stores an address of a prefetch memory line in a prefetch buffer. Upon allocation of an entry in the prefetch buffer a snoop of all the caches in the system occurs. Coherency permission inform ...

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By recessing (112D, 212D) drain and source regions (114, 214), a highly stressed layer (118, 218), such as a contact etch stop layer, may be formed in the recess (112, 212) in order to enhance the strain generation in the adjacent channel region (104, 204) of a field effect transistor (100, 200). Mo ...

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A portable computer system (10) including wireless communication functionality and global geographic positioning functionality includes a processor (30) coupled to a wireless module (70), and a global positioning unit (95) coupled to the wireless module and the processor. The wireless module may com ...

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A system and methodology are disclosed for forming a passive layer on a conductive layer, such as can be done during fabrication of an organic memory cell, which generally mitigates drawbacks inherent in conventional inorganic memory devices. The passive layer includes a conductivity facilitating co ...

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An FFT circuit (10) is implemented using a radix-4 butterfly element (12) and a partitioned memory (16a, 16b) for storage of a prescribed number of data values. The radix-4 butterfly element is configured for performing an FFT operation in a prescribed number of stages (30a, 30b, 30c), each stage in ...

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By forming an aluminum nitride layer (106) by a self-limiting process sequence, the interface characteristics of a copper-based metallization layer may be significantly enhanced while nevertheless maintaining the overall permittivity of the layer stack at a lower level.

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A DRAM controller (103) may comprise two sub-controllers (406, 404), each capable of handling a respective N-bit interface (e.g. 64-bit interface). Each sub-controller may also be configurable to be (2*N)-bit (e.g. 128-bit) capable with respect to control logic, for controlling a logical 128-bit dat ...

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By incorporating a diffusion hindering species (256A) at the vicinity of PN junctions of P-channel transistors comprising a silicon/germanium alloy, (255) diffusion related non- uniformities of the PN junctions may be reduced, thereby contributing to enhanced device stability and increased overall t ...

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There is provided a semiconductor device comprising, for example, an MOS structure (101) having a low electrical resistance in contacts and local interconnects, and a method for fabricating the device. When openings (102) are formed in a dielectric region (119) of an MOS structure (101), the thin me ...