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An intervertebral stabilization device is disclosed, made in the form of a damper adapted to resist elastically, on the one hand, an elongation and, on the other hand, an axial compression without buckling, as well as of at least two implants anchored on two adjacent vertebrae.

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An improved damper, of the type comprising elements for progressively resisting, in exponential manner, the advance of a piston under the effect of a force of axial compression, which functions as a stop opposing any displacement of the piston beyond a predetermined value, in an intervertebral stabi ...

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An elastic intervertebral disc prosthesis comprising two opposite plates joined together by partitions capable of deforming elastically as a function of the load applied on the prosthesis.

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A traffic information system which is directly accessed by individual subscribers by telephone, mobile telephone or computer wherein the subscriber will have the option of receiving reports of updated information by way of telephone, mobile telephone, personal computer or personalized pager. The sys ...

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An automated daytime running light system for surface transport vehicles having headlights and taillights which includes a daytime running light control circuit which activates the highbeam filament of the headlights at a reduced power level whenever the vehicle ignition is ON and the starter motor ...

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A prosthesis with double damper performing the function of intervertebral stabilizer which comprises at least two identical elements assembled together and comprising elastic bodies for regulating the bending-stretching movement between two vertebrae so as to approach as closely as possible the phys ...

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An extra-discal intervertebral prosthesis comprising at least a partially closed, elongated body including a compression chamber having an elastic block at one end. The block has a free face abutted by a ball joint associated with a first of two fixation means engagable in spaced vertebrae of a pati ...

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A spinal fixator comprising two substantially parallel assemblies each which includes a slideway having an open slot therein, a plurality of rings which define a slideway opening having a profile corresponding to that of the slideway, each ring having a bore aligned with a hole in the bottom of the ...

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A device for mechanically connecting and assisting vertebrae with respect to one another which includes at least one securing device cooperating with a ball joint adapted to be connect to a vertebra and a compressible body maintained along an axis of the securing device. The securing device includes ...

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A suture anchor for fixing soft tissues against a bone, including a hollow body having expanding elements limited in their plastic deformation, when an external traction force (T) is applied for fixing the suture anchor in the bone by stop means and wherein the expanding elements are reversibly defo ...