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Systems and methods are disclosed for displaying data on a head's-up display screen. Multiple forms of data can be selectively displayed on a semi-transparent screen mounted in the user's normal field of view. The screen can either be mounted on the user's head, or mounted on a moveable implement an ...

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Surveillance platforms detect dangers and transmit information signals describing the dangers to a control center, which determines the degree of danger and its geographic extent. The center generates a message that identifies the degree of danger and GPS coordinates of the impacted geographic area ...

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System and method for detecting, monitoring and evaluating hazardous situations in a structure includes the use of an expert system and, to the extent necessary, fuzzy logic in the generation of solution sets. Sensor units having two-way communication capability are strategically located in a struct ...

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A multi-ply fabric is assembled from a plurality of plies including at least a single thermoreactive ply and a single fibrous ply. The method of combining the plies incorporates a hot pin perforator to simultaneously perforate and bond the thermoreactive ply to the fibrous ply.

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A golf club is provided with a transponder that will transmit a coded signal when polled. The transmitter is small enough to fit into the golf club and does not need an external power supply. A data base associated with the coded signal is a depository of information related to the golf club.

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Global positioning system inputs are used in a manufacturing process where location of a work piece relative to a robotic manipulator is input into a control system. The manipulator is located and tracked by using “GPS” signals, as is an associated work piece. Radio signal based position indicators ...

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A system and method for controlling traffic and traffic lights and selectively distributing warning messages to motorists includes a controller to determine appropriate action based on traffic congestion parameters. Fuzzy logic is used to determine optimum traffic light phase split based on the traf ...

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A system and method of using a combination of audio signal modification technologies integrated with hearing capability profiles, modern computer vision, speech recognition, and expert systems for use by a hearing impaired individual to improve speech intelligibility.

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A system for controlling the automatic scrolling of information on a computer display or screen is disclosed. The system includes a gimbaled sensor system for following the position of the user's head and user's eye, and scroll activating interface algorithm to find screen gaze coordinates ...