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A monocyclopentadienyl or substituted monocyclopentadienyl metal complex containing compound useful as a polymerization catalyst corresponding to the formula:

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A process for preparing syndiotactic vinyl aromatic polymers comprising contacting one or more aromatic monomers under polymerization conditions with a catalyst corresponding to the formula:

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An improved process for the preparation of aluminoxanes comprising contacting an aluminoxane precursor such as a hydrocarbyl substituted aluminum compound with a porous organic or inorganic aqueous imbiber material containing water sorbed or imbibed therein.

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An improved vapor phase process for producing aldehydes from corresponding carboxylic acids and esters of said carboxylic acids by contacting the acid or ester at temperatures from about 300.degree. C. to about 500.degree. C. with hydrogen, in the presence of a catalyst selected from certain metal o ...

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Improved closed cell foams particularly suitable for use in packaging applications comprising a plurality of coalesced strands or profiles of a foamed thermoplastic composition.

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Saturated C.sub.1-6 hydrochlorocarbons are dehydrochlorinated by contacting with ZSM-5 or silicalite zeolites at 200.degree. C.-400.degree. C.

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Novel graft copolymer elastomers comprising a rubbery substrate polymer and a graft copolymer of a monomer capable of grafting to the rubbery substrate and a copolymerizable comonomer having pendant reactive groups capable of functionally reacting with reactive polar functionality of a copolymer of ...

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A flexible weather resistant film particularly adapted for use as a weatherable surface coating by lamination to a substrate comprising a weather resistant layer of a blend of a vinyl chloride polymer, an interpolymer of ethylene and at least one carboxylic acid or ester thereof containing ethylenic ...

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Novel polymeric materials are formed from dianhydride compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein Ar, R' and R" are named substituents, and both x's are either zeros or ones.

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A tree stand comprising a stand portion adapted for releasable attachment to a loop formed from an elongated flexible member that is placed in circumferential relationship with a tree or post.