Mark V Pierson, How T Lin: Solar recharge station for electric vehicles. Douglas M Clarkson, May 24, 1994: US05315227 (195 worldwide citation)

A solar recharge station is described having a contact area, a battery bank charge area and a solar panel array for maintaining the battery bank charged. The contact area includes electric contacts formed for engagement automatically by contacts on an electric powered vehicle as the vehicle enters t ...

Donald G McBride, Theron L Ellis: Flexible carrier for an electronic device. International Business Machines Corporation, Douglas M Clarkson, January 22, 1991: US04987100 (76 worldwide citation)

The disclosure describes a form of packaging for an electronic device and a method of achieving it in order to overcome the problem of damage because of cycles in environmental temperature.

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A computer-generated image system that is described in the Disclosure has a videoprocessor circuit with an integrator circuit to assign a predetermined identification to each edge of each face of any image that is to be displayed. Also, it has a "skip-over logic" circuit to identify any area in the ...

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Methods and apparatus for determining dynamically a blending ratio for blending features in a computer image generated scene are disclosed. The invention is for use with a computer image generation system which provides a dynamic scene as viewed by the pilot of an aircraft simulator. Such a computer ...

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The method for soldering a chip to a substrate to form a module and then soldering the module to a circuit board includes selecting a three level hierarchy of solders by the temperature required to melt. By this method, a module can be soldered to and de-soldered from a circuit board without affecti ...

Roy Westlake Latham: Apparatus for robotic force simulation. CGSD Corporation, Douglas M Clarkson, September 8, 1998: US05803738 (45 worldwide citation)

A system for simulating the forces associated with touching objects in a virtual reality simulator system includes a panel that contains an example of the various types of switches, knobs and any other item or object being simulated that is to be touched by a user of the system. The panel is attache ...

Robert W Chang: Distributed noise cancellation system. International Business Machines Corporation, Douglas M Clarkson, March 27, 1990: US04912767 (44 worldwide citation)

A method and system for cancelling noise from sources that are distributed over a region, whereby two sensors are located so that a first sensor will detect both voice signals and noise signals, and a second sensor will detect only the noise signals. The voice signals picked up at the second sensor ...

Edwin Cohen: Ghost signal elimination circuit. Douglas M Clarkson, January 14, 1986: US04564862 (44 worldwide citation)

A circuit is presented for eliminating a ghost signal from a television picture signal. A video amplifier amplifies the television picture signal which then is connected to an autocorrelator that will perform its mathematical functions of time delay, multiplication and integration to generate an out ...

Edwin Cohen: Food bag structure having pressurized compartments. Douglas M Clarkson, Douglas M Clarkson, August 11, 1992: US05137154 (42 worldwide citation)

A structure for a food bag that is suitable for a larger than usual sized bag is described as being formed of two sections of a flexible material. The two sections of flexible material are arranged one over the other and sealed around their periphery. Another sealing line is located along at least o ...

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A network computer system and method for analyzing a system of continuous process lines. Groupware is used to implement the analysis stage of continuous flow manufacturing (CFM) methodology using a network of portable computers. Preferably in one meeting, in response to prompts of a facilitator, par ...