Longzhi Jiang
Evangelos Trifon Laskaris, Yu Wang, Timothy John Havens, Longzhi Jiang: Open superconductive magnet having a cryocooler coldhead. General Electric Company, Marvin Snyder, Douglas E Stoner, March 13, 2001: US06201462 (13 worldwide citation)

An open magnet has vertically aligned first and second assemblies each with at least one superconductive main coil. At least one support member is vertically aligned and attached to, the first and second assemblies. At least one cryocooler coldhead is aligned generally horizontally and has a housing ...

Ronald Dean Watkins, Christopher Mark William Daft: Focused ultrasound surgery system guided by ultrasound imaging. General Electric Company, Marvin Snyder, Douglas E Stoner, June 23, 1998: US05769790 (275 worldwide citation)

A system employing ultrasound imaging as a method to localize a patient's tissue volume to be treated prior to applying therapeutic levels of ultrasound energy includes a therapy transducer for producing high-intensity fields that cause necrosis and an imaging transducer for producing high-quality u ...

Douglas Allen Doughty, Anil Raj Duggal, Yung Sheng Liu: Light-emitting diode white light source. General Electric Company, Jill M Breedlove, Douglas E Stoner, December 22, 1998: US05851063 (243 worldwide citation)

A system of at least three multi-colored LED's has an optimized color rendering index by proper selection of the wavelengths of each LED, such system being useful for general illumination purposes.

Harvey Ellis Cline, Ronald Dean Watkins, George Raymond Russell, Kullervo Henrik Hynynen: Ultrasound transducer with focused ultrasound refraction plate. General Electric Company, Marvin Snyder, Douglas E Stoner, February 23, 1999: US05873845 (187 worldwide citation)

A system for performing surgery by vibrational heating employs an ultrasonic transducer 80 for focusing a spherical ultrasound wave on a focal region. In one embodiment a refraction plate 410 having a spherical surface facing the transducer and a refracting surface with refracting pyramid elements 4 ...

Jerome Johnson Tiemann, Daniel David Harrison: Low power parallel correlator for measuring correlation between digital signal segments. General Electric Company, Marvin Snyder, Douglas E Stoner, April 20, 1999: US05896304 (168 worldwide citation)

Correlation between a pair of digital signal segments is measured by apparatus including a plurality of multipliers. Each of the multipliers produces the product of a respective sample of each one of the signal segments. The outputs of a plurality of digital-to-analog (D/A) converters are coupled to ...

Ricardo Scott Avila, Lisa Sobierajski Avila, Brian Peter Geiser, William Thomas Hatfield, Todd Michael Tillman: Method and apparatus for displaying 3D ultrasound data using three modes of operation. General Electric Company, Marvin Snyder, Douglas E Stoner, August 10, 1999: US05934288 (142 worldwide citation)

A method and an apparatus for allowing the operator of an ultrasound imaging system to switch between two-dimensional slices and three-dimensional projections in such a way that it is easy for the operator to visualize the relationship of the two-dimensional slice to the three-dimensional anatomy. I ...

Timothy John Sommerer: Emitter-cup cathode for high-emission x-ray tube. General Electric Company, Jill M Breedlove, Douglas E Stoner, May 25, 1999: US05907595 (122 worldwide citation)

An x-ray tube has at least one approximately planar electron emitter and an emitter-cup cathode configured to provide an electron beam of substantially greater perveance and beam compression ratio than otherwise obtainable with conventional cathode designs. The cup is optimized for use in a line-foc ...

Daniel David Harrison, Jerome Johnson Tiemann: Power efficient receiver. General Electric Company, Marvin Snyder, Douglas E Stoner, February 22, 2000: US06028887 (118 worldwide citation)

A direct sequence spread spectrum receiver samples an incoming signal and stores the sample in memory. Power is then inhibited to the tuner of the receiver to minimize power consumption. The signal sample may be read from memory when necessary to process the signal without further signal acquisition ...

Carl Lawrence Chalek, William Macomber Leue, William Thomas Hatfield: Task-interface and communications system and method for ultrasound imager control. General Electric Company, Marvin Snyder, Douglas E Stoner, December 29, 1998: US05853367 (118 worldwide citation)

Complex equipment operated by a plurality of computerized task functions is coupled to a host processor which controls operation of a plurality of task functions performed by the equipment. Included in the equipment are a plurality of client processors, a communications network coupling the host pro ...

Venkat Subramaniam Venkataramani, James Anthony Brewer, Marcus Preston Borom, Wayne Charles Hasz, Lawrence Edward Szala: Method for protecting passage holes in a metal-based substrate from becoming obstructed, and related compositions. General Electric Company, Noreen C Johnson, Douglas E Stoner, May 11, 1999: US05902647 (97 worldwide citation)

A method for temporarily protecting at least one passage hole in a metal-based substrate from being obstructed by at least one coating applied over the substrate is disclosed. The method includes the following steps: