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Method and apparatus for transmission of biomedical waveform data from a patient to an attending physician wherein the waveform data audio signal is frequency modulated for subsequent wireline or wireless transmission to a remote hand-held computer that functions to digitize, record and demodulate t ...

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Improvements in components for decorative light strings that include a plurality of track channels for holding successive segments of a light string, such track channel sections being supportable by snap attachment to pre-positioned snap-fasteners or the like.

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A convertible therapeutic wrap includes indicia designating where a pad of the wrap is to be cut to provide a separate, smaller therapeutic wrap when the overall pad is not needed.

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A cooking griddle for use in combination with an outdoor grill that consists of a flat metal sheet unitarily formed to include opposite side walls, a rear splash panel, and a transverse grease trough formed along the front edge which extends to a right angle bend that aids in proper seating of the g ...

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A separation system for use with wells drilled for the purpose of producing hydrocarbons where the primary drilling fluid is air or mist. The separator system includes a horizontal separation tube connected to an exhaust line so that it will receive the exhaust mixture created during the drilling of ...

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A therapeutic wrap that can be releasably connected to a body has one or more chambers for holding one or more discrete hot or cold members. Openings into the chambers and connectors for holding the wrap to the body are provided so that the hot or cold member(s) can be accessed in the chamber(s) wit ...

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A system for recording designated physical activity during the period of activity by means of a digital timepiece carried by an athlete or user for subsequent playback after the activity via an audible transmission link to a digital computer for processing, analysis and display.

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An article, an apparatus, and a method for processing a meat product. The inventive article comprises: a shaft; a spiral conveying channel on the exterior of the shaft; and a cutting member projecting from the shaft and positioned within the conveying channel. The inventive apparatus comprises the i ...

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A process for producing dry and semi-dry sausage products. Ground meat is admixed with an acidulant (e.g., a food grade acid) encapsulated by a material having a melting temperature of at least about 90.degree. F. The resulting admixture is formed into at least one shaped sausage product wherein the ...