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A novel network controller for use with a digital cable headend capable of monitoring and controlling set top terminals in a television program delivery system is described. The invention relates to methods and apparatus for a network controller that manages a configuration of set top terminals in a ...

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A stimulation apparatus is used for treatment of flexing portions of the human body by electrical stimulation. The apparatus has positioning means for firmly holding the flexing portion of the human body. There are two or more stimulation output contacts mounted in the positioning means in predeterm ...

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A linear motion device having an elongated body a carriage moveable in a linear path relative to the body and a bearing positioned between the carriage and body for supporting the carriage for movement along the linear path. The bearing includes a side rail adjustably connected to the body and beari ...

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A platform for conducting electrophoresis includes a support, at least one first electrode which extends upward from the support, and at least one second electrode which also extends upward from the support. An electrophoresis plate is deposited on the support during a medical testing procedure. The ...

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A free piston shock tube/tunnel and a diaphragm construction for a free piston shock tube tunnel in which the diaphragm is provided with multiple rupture areas.