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A bimodal nuclear power and propulsion system for space is disclosed. Closed cycle heat engines are in operative association with each sector of a sectored reactor core. Heat exchangers employing waste heat, electric power and reactor heat are used to heat propellant to increase Isp. Non-nuclear gro ...

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The disclosure is directed to an electric luminaria fixture. The fixture comprises a frame and associated legs, which support an electric lamp inside a bag to give the appearance of a traditional luminaria. The frame includes a semicircular clip which is adapted to support and retain lamp sockets of ...

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Apparatus and method for filling motorcycle front forks comprising, a horizontally planar platform for positioning proximate a motorcycle front fork. Mounted upon the platform are a tubular, vertically adjustable dipstick, a hand pump and a reservoir. The dipstick is vertically adjusted to the corre ...

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A sewer cleaning module for cleaning sewer pipes in preparation for relining. The module is assembled in situ and the relative size of components is selected depending upon the diameter of the pipeline. The module may comprise a front unit and rear unit or a frame assembly and a drive assembly. The ...

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Methods and apparatuses for removing contaminants. At least one injection well is drilled through the vadose zone to a depth below the water table defining the upper boundary of the aquifer. A plurality of venting wells or venting laterals are established to a depth above the water table sufficient ...

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Proteins containing one or more disulfide bonds are radiolabeled with radionuclides of technetium or rhenium for use in diagnosis and treatment of a variety of pathologic conditions. Radiolabeling is accomplished by partial reduction of the disulfide bonds of the protein using Sn (II), or using othe ...

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Aircraft apparatus and method capable of V/STOL (vertical, short takeoff and landing) in addition to conventional flight. For V/STOL operation, induced lift is provided by blowing air over the upper surface of each wing through a duct installed near the leading edge. Intake air is supplied to the bl ...

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A sound system microphone equalization apparatus and method comprising a plurality of filters programmable by a microprocessor. User interfaces permit adjustment for each microphone channel of the parameters of the three notch filters, and four tone control filters in the filter network.

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A hydraulically, pneumatically, electrically, or engine operated motorcycle center stand assembly having a ground-contacting lower stand unit rotatable about an axis on an upper stand unit. Parking is accomplished by rotation of said lower stand into said ground-contacting position, followed by down ...

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Protection scissors comprising blades with sharpened outer edges and handles functioning as brass knuckles.