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High energy scanning apparatus including a high voltage electrostatic generator and particle accelerator. A variable-trajectory electron beam is converted to a photon beam and collimated by a stationary collimator having a plurality of photon-passing slits. The stationary collimator produces a plura ...

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The present invention is directed to a process and apparatus wherein municipal refuse, and many other types of solid waste, are disposed of in a landfill repository that maintains them in a dry state indefinitely. This eliminates most environmental and many cost problems. The principal design featur ...

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The disclosure is directed to a method and apparatus for determining, in three dimensions, the location, size, depth and width of tumors, lesions, abnormalities, structures, and the like, particularly useful for stereotactic surgery. The invention utilizes several beams which, when they intersect, a ...

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A hydraulically, pneumatically, electrically, or engine operated motorcycle center stand assembly having a ground-contacting lower stand unit rotatable about an axis on an upper stand unit. Parking is accomplished by rotation of said lower stand into said ground-contacting position, followed by down ...

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A set of fire suppression agents suitable for streaming applications is disclosed. The agents are characterized by high extinguishment efficiency, low toxicity, and low ozone depletion potential. The agents are partially or completely fluorinated alkanes having at least two carbon atoms.

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A multi-purpose on-line or field-portable system and method for monitoring the presence and concentration of selected antigen-antibody reactions singly or in combination that result from the presence of specific microorganisms or free antigens present or suspended in aqueous solutions, during a give ...

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Disclosed is a paracentesis valve apparatus and method of using the valve. The valve comprises a valve body having three apertures and a bypass passageway. A movable valve member with truncated end portions moves linearly within the valve body by means of hydraulic pressure alone. Application of neg ...

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A splash deflector for plungers or the like for deflecting splashes having a disc with a circumferential lip on one side thereof. A plurality of stiffening ribs and anti-tearing ribs and openings may be provided on the disc. The top surface of the disc may bear indicia thereon, such as advertising. ...

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The disclosure relates to a microprocessor based telemetry apparatus and method utilizing a commercially available IBM PC-AT or compatible CPU. Three hardware cards fit in existing slots within the computer chassis. Software is provided to accomplish, in combination with the cards, what has essentia ...

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The invention discloses methods and apparatuses for vibrational energy removal in a structural system. Sensors in the structure determine the vibration modal energy content of the structure only in real time, and detect whether controllable springs or "stiffeners" are in tension, compression, or are ...