Robert L Marecek: Tailgate sign. Donovan F Duggan, Deborah A Peacock, October 26, 1993: US05255464 (24 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is directed to a removably attachable sign for use on a vehicle tailgate. The sign is generally rectangular and made of a flexible, durable material. The sign can contain apertures or cutaway areas for accommodating various hinges and handles commonly found on vehicle tailgates. The t ...

Daniel A Summers, Howard Levy: Lavage valve. Deborah A Peacock, Donovan F Duggan, Jeffrey D Myers, August 8, 1995: US05439022 (23 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a lavage valve apparatus and a method of using the valve. The valve comprises a valve body having three apertures and a bypass passageway. A movable valve member with truncated end portions moves linearly within the valve body by means of hydraulic pressure or mechanical (or magnetic) b ...

Kihachiro Kakuta: Automated portable pet toilet. Rod D Baker, Donovan F Duggan, Deborah A Peacock, January 18, 1994: US05279258 (23 worldwide citation)

A portable electromechanical apparatus for easily and hygienically managing and disposing of pet wastes. The apparatus contains separate solid and liquid waste collectors and containers, located beneath a platform. A waste receiving member is provided upon the platform upon which a pet's solid waste ...

Earl E Ray: Method of preparing a snack food jerky product. New Mexico State University Technology Transfer, Donovan F Duggan, Rod D Baker, March 1, 1994: US05290584 (22 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing and producing a nutritious, low calorie, low cholesterol, shelf-stable, expanded snack food product for humans and pets is disclosed. The process involves using a proteinaceous material, such as raw comminuted meats or mechanically separated meats, that are frozen or chilled. P ...

Seymour S Alpert: Convective calorimeter apparatus and method. University of New Mexico, Donovan F Duggan, Deborah A Peacock, August 4, 1992: US05135311 (22 worldwide citation)

A direct convective air flow calorimeter characterized by fast response time, high efficiency, and transient, as well as steady state, heat measurement capability. The calorimeter generally measures sensible and insensible heat losses, and may measure indirect heat losses as well. The calorimeter ca ...

Larry D Robertson: Duct notching template apparatus. Robert W Weig, Donovan F Duggan, Deborah A Peacock, January 28, 1992: US05083380 (20 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to a duct notching template apparatus having slidably positionable and settable end templates and a center template. The end templates have hooked or tabbed edges for engaging the edge of a piece of sheet metal to be scribed for notching. The templates contain windows for view ...

Joseph Wang: Method and apparatus for trace metal testing. New Mexico State University Technology Transfer, Rod D Baker, Donovan F Duggan, Deborah A Peacock, March 8, 1994: US05292423 (19 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are a method and apparatus for trace metal testing using mercury-coated screen printed electrodes. Both voltammetric and potentiometric stripping analysis are used. Sample solutions were tested employing both stirring and non-stirring, as well as aeration and deaeration procedures. Microli ...

Hoyt E Hart: Apparatuses and methods for hanging frames. Deborah A Peacock, Donovan F Duggan, Rod D Baker, May 11, 1993: US05209449 (18 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns apparatuses and methods for hanging frames upon mounting surfaces. The apparatus of the invention, upon which a frame is hung, is securely attached to a mounting surface, such as a wall. The apparatus comprises a generally planar body with protruding supporting rail, alignment ...

John J Battaglia: Multi-mode watering apparatus. Deborah A Peacock, Donovan F Duggan, November 3, 1992: US05160093 (17 worldwide citation)

A combination watering apparatus is disclosed having a plurality of waterways and spray heads. The device may be hand-held or ground mounted, and provides up to four modes of operation.

Jeffrey S Beasley, Hema Ramamurthy, Jaime Ramirez Angulo, Mark R DeYong: Integrated circuit fault testing implementing voltage supply rail pulsing and corresponding instantaneous current response analysis. New Mexico State University Technology Transfer, Jeffrey D Myers, Donovan F Duggan, Deborah A Peacock, January 9, 1996: US05483170 (17 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for detecting faults in digital, analog, and hybrid integrated circuits is disclosed. A single test vector employing bias voltage on input used in conjunction with pulsing the power supply rails is used to allow detection of the various faults which may be present. The instant ...