Ali Asgharzadeh, Mohammad Jamshidi: Fuzzy logic controlled video printer. University of New Mexico, Jeffrey D Myers, Donovan F Duggan, December 31, 1996: US05590246 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for generating high quality output from a video printer. For a given video printer, human experts generate a set of prints from a series of test images, other human experts score those prints, the results are stored in a database, and fuzzy control rules for the printer are de ...


Doug Czor: Electrodeposition process. Deborah A Peacock, Donovan F Duggan, February 21, 1995: USRE034862

The disclosure is directed to an electrodeposition process utilizing molds of original objects. The molds are placed, preferably horizontally, into the electrodeposition bath. The resulting product utilizes the mold-facing surface as the final surface of the product. The disclosure is also directed ...