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An apparatus and method enables a user to control the selection of electronic multimedia services to be provided to the user by one or more servers over a communication medium. The apparatus includes a scanner for reading marks on an object and for communicating a request signal, having an object co ...

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A pay per use system for of the unauthorized use of computer software. An encryption program encodes original software to produce secured software. The encoding is accomplished by using cryptographic techniques. In order to use the software, a user must call a telephone number to receive the cryptog ...

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A method and apparatus for quantizing audio signals is disclosed which advantageously produces a quantized audio signal which can be encoded within an acceptable range. Advantageously, the quantizer uses a scale factor which is interpolated between a threshold based on the calculated threshold of he ...

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A device for restricting access to certain programs. The RCU comprises an entry pad, a controller, a read-only-memory ("ROM"), and an transmission system.

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Techniques for fault-tolerant computing which do not require fault-tolerant hardware or a fault-tolerant operating system. The techniques employ a monitor daemon which is implemented as one or more user processes and a fault-tolerant library which can be bound into application programs. A user proce ...

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Disclosed is a method for error recovery in a multiprocessing computer system of the type in which each of the processes periodically takes checkpoints. In the event of a failure, a process can be rolled back to a prior checkpoint, and execution can continue from the checkpointed state. A monitor pr ...

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Interexchange carriers make their rate information for long-distance service available in a database. PBXs and telephone central offices access that rate information using ISDN and/or SS7 signaling and use it as a basis for determining which carder to use at any given time in the routing of a call. ...

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A technique for determining whether particular clients within a computer network are universally configured in accordance with the desired network security features of the computer network. A probe is randomly inserted within incoming files, e.g., at a firewall in the computer network. The probe is ...

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A technique for programming operating parameters in an electronic device, such as programmable configuration settings, uses an interactive response configuration server accessible through the telephone network. The configuration server provides voice prompts to an electronic device operator over a t ...

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Software rejuvenation techniques which improve reliability of a software system by stopping execution of the system and restarting the execution with "clean" state. The rejuvenation techniques are generally available to applications executing in a computer system. The techniques are implemented usin ...