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Light of two different wavelengths is passed through or reflected from a member of the body so as to be modulated by the pulsatile blood flow therein. The amplitudes of the alternating current components of the logarithms of the respective light modulations are compared by taking their molecular ext ...

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A noise reduction circuit for a DC power supply in which the input of a high pass filter is coupled to the output circuit of the supply so as to receive a noise signal, the output of the high pass filter is coupled to the primary winding of a transformer via an amplifier, and the secondary winding o ...

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An array of transducers is provided for transmitting pulses of ultrasonic pressure waves into a body and translating reflections received into corresponding pulses of electrical waves. Phase changing means, which may preferably include heterodyning means, are connected between each transducer and se ...

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A pressure dome is provided with resilient tongues that engage projections on a transducer in such manner as to draw the dome and transducer together when one is rotated with respect to the other. Detent notches for the projection ensure that the force between a dome and the transducer is always the ...

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A power supply for producing DC voltage with a minimum voltage drop from a source voltage that is either AC or DC in which the emitter-base junction of a transistor is coupled to the source so as to provide base current required to turn the transistor on, an output capacitor is connected in series w ...

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An open tubular or capillary chromatographic column made from drawn silica tubing having an exterior coating for protection from abrasion and moisture and means for holding it in a desired configuration.

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A patient arrhythmia monitoring system having a plurality of bedside stations that can derive physiological data for a patient coupled thereto, a central station, a bus for providing communication between said bedside stations and said central station. A processor is provided for analyzing the data ...

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A harness for connecting the inputs of an EKG machine or the like to electrodes attached to the body of a patient in which the series resistance required to protect the machine from the presence of high energy pulses applied to the body by a defibrillator is provided by the distributed resistance of ...

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Concentration of the solutes contained in a liquid solvent is effected by passing the solvent through a first trapping means that adsorbs them, flushing the first trapping means with supercritical fluid and reducing its solubility parameter in a second trapping means so that the latter can adsorb de ...

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A lens structure is disclosed for a transducer that is utilized to transmit pulses of alternating pressure waves into the body of a patient and produce signals in response to reflections from the body. The lens is comprised of a first lens element having a concave face facing the crystals and a seco ...