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The efficiency of a centrifugal compressor is optomized over a wide range of flow rates by providing a diffuser which is a combination of fixed vanes and a movable wall member and which throttles the diffuser passage in accordance with compressor load.

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A refrigeration purging system for the removal of non-condensible gases such as air and condensible contaminants such as water is disclosed. A portion of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is placed in a first purge chamber which condenses the refrigerant and condensible contaminants such a ...

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A plurality of circumferentially spaced pockets are formed in the face of a stationary carbon ring. A rotating seal ring coacts with the pockets in the carbon ring to define a gas lift bearing to thereby reduce the pressure differential and leakage across the carbon ring. Alternatively the spaced po ...

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The present invention relates to a self-checking safety switch control circuit for a power combustion system. The circuit comprises a safety switch, a combustion blower relay, a thermal pilot switch, and a fuel supply system. The safety switch operates to detect flow through the combustion system. T ...

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An apparatus and method for operating an air conditioning unit incorporating both an economizer and a two speed fan are described. When the economizer is in operation the fan is typically operated at high speed regardless of refrigeration circuit operation to circulate sufficient outdoor air to the ...

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A hermetically sealed reciprocating motor compressor unit including a sealed shell. Discharge gas from the compressor is passed through the motor via suitable flow passages. The top of the motor and the interior surface of the shell define a chamber therebetween. The rotor functions as a centrifuge ...

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A method and apparatus to prevent oil pump cavitation in a hermetically sealed vapor compression refrigeration system are disclosed. A hermetically sealed housing containing the refrigeration compressor transmission and oil supply reservoir is connected to the suction side of the compressor to equal ...

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A control system for a pulsed DC arc welding system power supply is disclosed. The control system operates to automatically adjust the pulse width of the current pulses supplied at the arc gap by the power supply to control the power flow to the work pieces at the arc gap. An example of such a contr ...

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A permanent magnet rotor comprising a housing defining a central rotor axis, an inner ring secured within the housing and annularly extending around the rotor axis, a plurality of permanent magnets supported within the housing and annularly spaced around the inner ring, and an outer ring secured wit ...

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A vehicle mounted apparatus for loading and unloading containers onto and off of the vehicle is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a tilting frame on the body of the vehicle, a hydraulic cylinder mounted on the tilting frame for longitudinal movement along the tilting frame and a cable extending fro ...