Ralph Iverson: Strain relief and connector - cable assembly bearing the same. Whittaker Corporation, Donald E Nist, October 17, 1989: US04874331 (127 worldwide citation)

The strain relief device is used in combination with a metal electronic cable-connector assembly for high temperature applications and high mechanical shock application. The strain relief shrouds and protects the weld or braze between the cable and connector and also extends over a length of the cab ...

Lieberman Irving: Method of explosively expanding sleeves in eroded tubes. Whittaker Corporation, Donald E Nist et al, January 1, 1974: US3781966 (110 worldwide citation)

The method comprises explosively expanding a first metallic sleeve into engagement with a severely eroded section of a tube and thereafter explosively expanding a second metallic sleeve of approximately the same diameter as the first sleeve into engagement with the first sleeve to cover cracks forme ...

Eli K Mellor: Multi-mode cannulating apparatus. Dynasciences Corporation, Donald E Nist, April 12, 1977: US04016879 (75 worldwide citation)

Multiple mode cannulating apparatus is provided wherein in a versatile Y-shaped needle assembly an elastomer plug cooperates with stub tubings to define a Y-shaped port and passage junction of improved design; also, a blood cavity is provided in a carrier removably attached to the apparatus rearward ...

Stephen W Briggs III, John D Calebaugh: Stethoscope cleansing device and method. B & B Medical Technologies, Donald E Nist, June 24, 1997: US05641464 (56 worldwide citation)

The improved device is used in the present method for cleansing the head of a stethoscope with an antimicrobial spray liquid. The device includes a housing which defines a generally central cavity in which an aerosol spray cannister is releasably disposed in a bracket. The housing is closed but is o ...

Benson Carlin, Edward H Ransom: Nebulizer. Whittaker General Medical Corporation, Donald E Nist, April 14, 1987: US04657007 (53 worldwide citation)

An improved nebulizer is provided which includes a hollow generally elongated housing defining a central chamber containing a body of nebulizable liquid. The housing has a gas entry port adjacent its lower end and a nebulized liquid exit port adjacent its upper end. A gas conduit having a central pa ...

Peter G McGeary: Weatherproof positive lock connector. Whittaker Corporation, Donald E Nist, October 8, 1985: US04545633 (52 worldwide citation)

The device comprises a male plug and a female receptacle, each of which has a housing with an electrically insulative central tubular component and a cavity extending through and adapted to receive an electrical conduit. When the plug and receptacle are joined together, electrical conduit ends dispo ...

Fernando Troncoso Jr: Handgun brace and assembly. Donald E Nist, January 19, 1993: US05180874 (50 worldwide citation)

The improved handgun assembly of the present invention includes a handgun with barrel and a butt having a handgrip, and a novel handgun brace resting against but otherwise unconnected to the handgun. The brace is in the form of a unitary rod having an upraised front portion, an intermediate portion ...

Ishwar R Mansukhani: Light sensitive jet inks. Whittaker Corporation, Henry M Bissell, Donald E Nist, March 24, 1981: US04258367 (50 worldwide citation)

Light sensitive ink compositions suitable for ink jet printing on metal, plastic, or paper surfaces, the ink characterized by opaque properties in light, incorporating in solution, at least one diazo derivative and at least one solvent.

Larry D Fields: Filter screen device. Yardney Corporation, Donald E Nist, January 22, 1985: US04495072 (45 worldwide citation)

An improved filter screen device is provided which comprises an elongated, tubular housing, a hollow elongated perforated tubular member releasably secured in the hollow central interior of the housing and a flexible sock-type filter screen releasably disposed over the outer surface of the tubular m ...

Fernando V Troncoso Jr, Vincent F Troncoso: Hunting arrow and broadhead. Donald E Nist, January 21, 1986: US04565377 (45 worldwide citation)

The arrow includes an elongated shaft having spaced rear stabilizing vanes extending generally longitudinally and diagonally, and a broadhead detachably connected to the front of the shaft. The broadhead has an elongated central core with slots receiving spaced sharp blades held in place at their fr ...