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A carpet seaming iron of the kind used for making face seams with hot melt adhesive tapes forms a raised center bead in the molten adhesive produced behind the iron. The center bead is of a sufficient height and stiffness to coat the side edges of the carpet backings with hot melt adhesive as the un ...

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A housing construction for a POS type bar code scanner with multiple apparent source scan geometry includes only two main housing components. Each a casting to which one or a number of routing mirrors are bonded so as to precisely locate the plane of each mirror. The routing mirrors are bonded to th ...

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An adjustable saw guide for hand-held power saws facilitates a straight-line cut. The guide is adjustable for any width of portable power saw by adjustment and locking of an elongated saw guide member in the proper position on the surface of a saw table slide member which serves as a base of the app ...

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A battery charging apparatus for charging a stack of multiple lithium ion battery cells charges the stack by a combination of switched capacitance cell balancing and cell voltage monitoring to provide a charge cycle that starts with a nominally constant current charging and easily shifts to constant ...

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Apparatus and methods for positioning a drape covering for a window comprise an electric stepper motor and an automated control for actuating the electric stepper motor to move the drape to any selected position at any selected time and in any selected sequence of drape movements.

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A multiple piston assembly pump of the kind which provides an overlap between the flow output of the piston assemblies during a portion of the strokes of the piston assemblies incorporates a method and apparatus for reducing pulsations in the flow during the time when the pump is changing over from ...

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Method and apparatus are disclosed for teaching with the use of an electronic processor and associated display, preferably in conjunction with a conventional textbook, the method comprising the steps of selecting verbal data providing a description of a selected concept and animation data providing ...

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A drive mechanism for a wafer processing machine of the kind which holds a silicon wafer on a vacuum chuck and rotates the wafer for processing operations on the wafer periphery or upper surface incorporates a low-speed motor, a high-speed motor and an overrunning clutch. The low-speed motor is conn ...

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A beam delivery system for delivering a laser beam from a stationary laser to a point in space under robot control has a universal or spherical shoulder joint which is free to rotate in any direction, a wrist joint which receives the beam from the shoulder joint and which allows the beam to be point ...

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A floating mirror plate for a laser is suspended in a resonant cavity structure by graphite fiber rods. The cavity structure positions the mirror mounting plates and maintains a highly stable longitudinal spacing of the mirror mounting plates, despite thermal expansion and contraction of other parts ...