Yuan Yi Chen, Perry Parkhurst: Plant nursery bottle. Erico, Donald C Feix, November 20, 1990: US04970823 (38 worldwide citation)

A container of the kind used for supplying water and/or nutrients directly into the soil adjacent the plant comprises a bottle for holding the supply of water and a cap structure which encloses one end of the bottle. The cap structure is effective to both support the bottle upright on the soil adjac ...

Dong Soo Ju: Device for preventing folding of a lower joint for a one touch type dome shaped tent. Bae Jin Corporation, Donald C Feix, March 23, 1993: US05195551 (35 worldwide citation)

A device for preventing folding of a lower joint for a one touch type dome shaped tent is disclosed. If the upper joint is locked or released, the lower joint is also locked or released automatically. A connecting portion of the lower joint is provided with a round projection and with an elongate sl ...

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A high powered beam dump apparatus and method for absorbing the power of a high power laser, while the beam is shuttered off from contact with a workpiece, comprises two principal features. A reflecting cone reflects and spreads the high power laser beam outwardly from the axis of a high power laser ...

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A carpet and pad installation avoids the need for stretching and tackless strips by utilizing a pad with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one surface. The pad is first laid on the floor surface and trimmed as required, with either the adhesive surface down to adhere to the floor, or with the adhesive ...

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A wafer handling method and apparatus insures proper centering of a wafer at a work station and controls the heat transferred to the wafer in a baking operation. The amount of heat transferred and the rate at which the heat is transferred to the wafer are regulated by controlling the distance betwee ...

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A conveyor system for conveying a relatively fragile work piece, such as a silicon wafer, to and from a work station where one or more processing operations are performed on the work piece comprises two parallel conveyor belts. Each conveyor belt is mounted on a separate carriage, and the carriages ...

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A system for control of a bar code scanner threshold with deliberate decay includes monitoring a selected scan signal characteristic of characteristics and electronically determining whether sets of signal characteristics represent a bar code or extraneous noise, and, if noise is indicated, raising ...

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A four-bar alignment adjustment mechanism with elastic hinges enables the mirrors of a gas laser to be very finely tuned with accuracy. A 50.degree. rotation of the fine-adjust knob deflects the mechanism to produce a 1% drop in power from maximum. The system has little backlash and does not use an ...

George Gal: Method for fabricating microlenses. Lockheed Missiles & Space Company, Donald C Feix, May 10, 1994: US05310623 (28 worldwide citation)

A microlens of any designed configuration is formed as a replica in a photoresist material, and the photoresist material replica is used to reproduce the replica directly in a substrate material.

P Guy Howard: Hand held laser bar code reader with safety shutoff responsive to housing motion detector. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, T M Freiburger, Paul Davis, June 9, 1987: US04672215 (28 worldwide citation)

A hand held laser bar code reader includes a motion sensor and associated circuitry to disable energization of the laser unless the bar code reader has just undergone some degree of motion. This safety feature avoids the possibility of the bar code reader's being held motionless for a long enough ti ...