Jurgen Harms, Lutz Biedermann: Pedicle screw. Donald Brown, August 7, 1990: US04946458 (632 worldwide citation)

A pedicle screw (1) for use in the monosegmental or multisegmental stabilization of the spinal column comprises a thread and a receiver portion. In order to facilitate the mounting and to reduce the stress of the screw and the threaded rods for connection therewith, a threaded shaft part (2) and a r ...

Jurgen Harms, Lutz Biedermann: Pedicle screw and receiver member therefore. Prufer, Donald Brown, May 4, 1993: US05207678 (543 worldwide citation)

For a pedicle screw a receiver member is provided for hingedly connecting a screw (2) comprising a threaded shaft portion (3) and a spherical-segment-shaped head (4) on the one hand and a rod (16) on the other hand. In order to improve the stocking costs for screws of different shaft lengths and sha ...

Lutz Biedermann, Jurgen Harms: Bone screw. Biedermann Motech, Donald Brown, August 22, 1995: US05443467 (538 worldwide citation)

A bone screw comprises a receiver member (5) and a screw member (1) having a threaded portion (2) and a head (3) having a spherical segment-shaped portion. The receiver member (5) comprises an internal thread (10) for allowing a relative adjustment of receiver member and screw member and the connect ...

Lutz Biedermann, Jurgen Harms: Bone screw. Donald Brown, George W Neuner, May 11, 1993: US05209753 (272 worldwide citation)

A bone screw (1) has a threaded portion (2) and a head (3). Such screws are used in particular as pedicle screws. In order that the bone screw can be anchored securely also in soft bone tissue, the screw is provided with a longitudinal bore (5) extending along the longitudinal axis of the threaded p ...

Jurgen Harms, Lutz Biedermann: Positioning device. Donald Brown, August 27, 1991: US05042982 (258 worldwide citation)

A positioning means for stabilizing segments of the spinal column or dummies between two such segments has a simple design and allows a certain alignment of the connecting rods to be connected thereto. To this end a positioning screw (1) is provided which comprises a threaded shaft part (2) and a re ...

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The invention relates to a correction and supporting apparatus. Such an apparatus is in particular used for stabilizing an injured spinal column. For allowing an easy adjustment of the vertebrae to be stabilized and a later readjustment four screws are provided each having a threaded shaft portion 7 ...

Lutz Biedermann, Jurgen Harms: Stabilization member for stabilizing bones. Donald Brown, August 20, 1991: US05041113 (199 worldwide citation)

The invention refers to a stabilization member serving for fixing broken or partly cracked bones in a predetermined position during the healing process or an even longer period. The stabilization member comprises a bar having elongated holes and the bar is fastened to the bone part to be stabilized ...

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A vascular tubular graft of a woven fabric with a single velour outside (external) surface and a smooth interior surface, said outside surface having a plurality of loops, each loop extending around a portion of the circumference thereof and each loop formed by fill yarn positioned about warp yarn.

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Sealed keyboard sandwich having actuator means, a plurality of contactor means, a plurality of contact means and support means therefore, said contacts and contactors forming a plurality of key units, and gas passage means positioned between said actuator means and said support means for selectively ...

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A bone screw to be used in combination with a correction and supporting apparatus is provided. With such correction and supporting device the problem arises that when two vertebrae are expanded, the vertebra in between the vertebrae is shifted to the inside of the curvature of the spinal column. To ...