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Electrochemical biosensor systems or apparatus, components thereof, and methods for quantitatively measuring or assaying concentrations of selective substrates or metabolites in aqueous media as a function of electrochemical response to hydrogen peroxide concentration, using immobilized enzyme elect ...

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An aqueous coating composition is provided which comprises a film forming material based on water dilutable binders which are comprised of a mixture of (A) 90 to 40% by weight of hydroxyl group-containing polymer resin; (B) 10 to 60% by weight of polyurethane dispersion and (C) pigments; as well as ...

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An aqueous coating composition is described, containing, as binder, a mixture of (A) 50 to 95% by weight of a reaction product of a carboxy functional polycondensate containing epoxy groups, at least one copolymerisable o,-olefinically unsaturated monomer and conventional auxiliary agents, and (B) 5 ...

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A non-autocrosslinking binder composition for water-dilutable lacquers containing 1 to 99% by weight of a hydroxyl group-containing and amino group-containing epoxide resin and 99 to 1% by weight of an amino groupcontaining synthetic resin binder prepared from free radically polymerizable monomers i ...

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A movable and removable product separator unit and a retaining and support system therefor for easy adjustable separation organization and display of goods in a point-of-purchase vending is provided.

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An improved method for treating an intervertebral spinal disc in a mammalian subject which disc exhibits an abnormal condition, characterized by a reduced risk of toxic effect to the subject is provided which comprises, injecting in said disc an amount of a pharmaceutically acceptable solution of a ...

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Novel 7(4H)-thieno[3,2-b]pyridinones of the formula I, ##STR1## wherein R is lower alkyl, and R.sub.1 is hydrogen, lower alkyl, lower alkoxy, halo, trifluoromethyl, or phenyl optionally substituted with one or two substituents selected from halo, lower alkyl, lower alkoxy and trifluoromethyl.

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An axial oil filter including at least one pair of axially aligned filter elements includes an elongate filter body and a removable filter cartridge. The filter elements are mounted on an axial conduit which is a part of the filter cartridge, and the filter cartridge placed in the filter body so as ...

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Melamine resins modified with a mixture of a polyalkylene glycol and an alkylated methylolmelamine, paper sheets impregnated therewith, decorative laminates prepared from said sheets and a method of producing said laminates are disclosed.

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A storage, display and dispensing apparatus for small regularly shaped packages is provided comprising a tray of generally box-like rectangular configuration having front, rear and side walls, the front wall being of transparent material and having a plurality of finger access notches formed therein ...