Stanley C Thorstenson: Automated lead wire tinning drive roller improvements. Honeywell, Donald A Jacobson, September 19, 1989: US04867098 (1 worldwide citation)

A driver and an idler roller in contact with one another are used to drive a pair of tapes carrying components through solder wave tinning apparatus immediately prior to winding the tapes and components for storage. The rollers are made of conductive material to remove electrostatic charges from the ...

Mark J Shireman, Florence G Benson: Automated lead wire tinning apparatus mechanical adjustments and improvements. Honeywell, Donald A Jacobson, July 24, 1990: US04942843 (1 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for automatically tinning leads of components mounted on tapes to carry the components through solder wave stations have adjustments incorporated to permit tinning components of different sizes. Foam generators with independent foam rate adjustments are also provided to permit the adjustin ...

Arthur M Lohmann: Jettison rain cover for intelligent weapons. Honeywell, Donald A Jacobson, June 12, 1990: US04933683 (1 worldwide citation)

A jettisoning cover for a munition arranged to be held against the end of a ring secured to the end of a munition which is fired at a high velocity through the atmosphere. The cover protects the contents of the munition from the high velocity through the atmosphere but is jettisoned after the veloci ...


Marshall R Bulle, Dale A Johnson: Tire spreader. Donald A Jacobson, April 16, 1985: US04511121

Two hooks are pivotably mounted between two pair of vertically oriented pivotable spreader arms arranged such that the hooks can engage and spread a tire supported on two rollers between the hooks. The rollers are mounted on a plate supported by two vertical spaced channels held by a base. The arms ...




William E Sukow, Peter Beagan, Dennis D Ikola, Troy D Nelson: Monitoring apparatus. Donald A Jacobson, October 26, 1993: US05256910

A monitoring apparatus, which reads a number of internal combustion engine temperatures and engine revolutions per minute, displays either a current or a peak reading of one of these parameters using a digital readout. Transducers convert the various physical parameters to analog voltages. A digital ...

Roy E Neufeldt: Truss hook. Donald A Jacobson, Nawrocki Rooney & Sivertson Pa, May 20, 2004: US20040094982-A1

Cable supported hook apparatus provides a U-shaped upward facing opening for transporting a truss. A cam pivotably mounted opposite the opening has a serrated edge opposite a handle. A slot in the opening permits a spring to urge the cam from a released orientation to an engaged orientation with the ...