Richard H Berge Jr, Mark A Larsen: Door frame cladding apparatus. New Morning Windows, Donald A Jacobson, February 2, 1993: US05182880 (14 worldwide citation)

This apparatus uses cladding to cover the inner surfaces of a door frame. The cladding also overlaps the door nose and its mounting screws. Two-sided adhesive tape on one edge of the cladding attaches the cladding to the door nose. The cladding has a perpendicular integral fin which extends into an ...

Curtis R Gunderson: Oil change method. Donald A Jacobson, December 4, 1984: US04485853 (14 worldwide citation)

An oil change aid device having a concave collection receptacle formed from a thin circular plastic sheet which is attached to and supported by a heavier plastic strip bent into a cylinder. A slot in the cylinder provides a hand hold to permit readily holding the device in one hand. This device is h ...

David J Cramer: Latch and cylinder guard. Donald A Jacobson, December 9, 1980: US04237712 (14 worldwide citation)

A latch and cylinder guard which can be bolted through a door without interfering with the latch and providing a double layer of metal in the latch vicinity.

Marshall R Bulle: Trailer hitch ring lock. Donald A Jacobson, February 5, 1980: US04186575 (11 worldwide citation)

A lock apparatus comprising two parts which are secured together through the ring of a trailer hitch tongue to prevent the unauthorized use of the trailer. The two parts comprise mating first male and first female cylinders attached to first and second circular plates respectively, and a second male ...

Maurice Rahm: Animal feeder. Donald A Jacobson, September 14, 1993: US05243930 (10 worldwide citation)

This animal feeder is demand driven since only a feeding animal will cause feed to be dispensed. An elevated hopper containing granular feed has a pair of downward extensions which decrease in cross-section downward to an opening. A pair of funnels are pivotally mounted immediately below these exten ...

Richard H Johnson: Electrical transient suppressor. Donald A Jacobson, August 17, 1982: US04345290 (10 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for clipping excessive voltage transients in an alternating current power distribution system to protect the electrical system and attached electrical equipment from damage or failure due to said excessive high voltage transients and surges. Varistors are connected from each electrical pha ...

Ralph E Beelow: Pontoon boat trailer. Donald A Jacobson, September 19, 1978: US04114772 (10 worldwide citation)

A trailer for loading, transporting and launching pontoon boats. A movable framework on the trailer bed is provided which can be lowered for loading the boat on land, elevated for transporting, and again lowered for launching a pontoon boat.

Marvin N Gag: Swimming aid. Donald A Jacobson, May 23, 1989: US04832631 (7 worldwide citation)

A manually powered pair of crank operated flat paddles used by a swimmer combines a rotary and paddling motion. One paddle is rotated to engage the water while the opposite paddle is disengaged and provides flotation only. The opposite paddle is then rotated to engage the water while the first paddl ...

Patrick M Baker: Bakers peel. Donald A Jacobson, May 25, 1993: US05213384 (6 worldwide citation)

This peel is made from metal for ease in cleaning and has a wooden handle to provide heat insulation for the user. The peel has a wedge shaped groove extending from one edge through its center formed into its surface. The maximum depth of the groove is at the peel edge and tapers to the peel plane o ...

Linus P Krahling: Safety coupling pin. Donald A Jacobson, September 27, 1988: US04773805 (6 worldwide citation)

A safety coupling pin for securing a towed vehicle tongue to the towing vehicle drawbar using a shaft which is secured by a chain. A ring affixed to one end of the shaft has an opening which is normally closed by a spring loaded cylinder. The chain has one end permanently attached to the ring and th ...