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A frustum shaped body has an aperture in a top surface and a pair of first and second opposed apertures in a side surface, first and second horizontal internal channels connect both the first and second opposed apertures. A vertical channel from the top aperture connects with the first and second ch ...

David A Petersen: Methods and surgical kits for minimally-invasive facet joint fusion. minSURG International, Don J Pelto, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton, November 23, 2010: US07837713 (65 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are methods and surgical kits that can be used to fuse facet joints via a minimally invasive procedure (including an arthroscopic or percutaneous procedure). An exemplary method includes creating an incision; locating a facet joint with a distal end of a pin; sliding a substantially ...

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A system for performing authentication of a first user to a second user includes the ability for the first user to submit multiple instances of authentication data which are evaluated and then used to generate an overall level of confidence in the claimed identity of the first user. The individual a ...

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An audio system having high quality sound and high frequency response is provided. The audio system comprises one or more speakers with mismatched components. Although the combination of mismatched components may result in a diminished frequency response, digital signal processing may compensate for ...

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The invention includes a compound of formula I: wherein R1, X, Z, n, and m have any of the values described herein, as well as salts of such compounds, compositions comprising such compounds, and therapeutic methods that comprise the administration of such compounds. The compounds are inhibitors of ...

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The present invention relates to compositions comprising CpG rich DNA from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The compositions optionally comprise a cupredoxin. The present invention includes specific CpG DNAs from Pseudomonas aeruginosa that are useful for treating cancer and other conditions in patients. The ...

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A composition for immunostimulation contains an effective amount of an Echinacea extract, Bromelain and Lysozyme. In particular, a treatment for excessive bacterial growth in the oral cavity includes administration of such a composition.

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A vibration isolator system for attaching a payload to a supporting base is provided, the payload having a center of mass and the system consisting of at least three vibration isolating pods. Each pod has two associated, non-parallel, elastic struts. A first end of each strut is attached to the supp ...

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The present invention provides methods of treating cognitive deficits associated with mental retardation. The methods comprise combining cognitive training protocols and a general administration of phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors.

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The present invention provides methods of therapy of cognitive deficits associated with a central nervous system disorder or condition, methods of enhancing cognitive performance and methods for repeated stimulation of neuronal activity or a pattern of neuronal activity, such as that underlying a sp ...