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A device and method for automatically dispersing aggregate material, such as animal feed, is disclosed. The device includes a hopper having a spout at a bottom side thereof. A distributor is positioned underneath the spout so that feed or other material within the hopper flows out of the spout and i ...

Irwin Haimowitz: Drinking receptacle cover with a lip operated valve. Thermo Seal, Don J Flickinger, February 26, 1980: US04190174 (55 worldwide citation)

A drinking receptacle cover comprises two layers of a rigid resilient material which are circular in shape. An annular downwardly opening channel is formed at the periphery of the two layers which are snugly assembled. This channel receives the top rim portion of a drinking receptacle, and to secure ...

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A multipurpose exercise apparatus for performing free weight bar bell exercises is disclosed. The machine includes a pair of weight frames, each of which includes spaced apart columns and spaced apart horizontal top beams supported by the columns. A weight support member is disposed vertically betwe ...

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A face mask includes a cup-shaped body for enclosing an external respiratory organ, such as the nose, of a patient. Flow of a respirable gas into the body and exhaust of expired gas from the body are unidirectional controlled by respiration check valves. A plurality of detachably securable and inter ...

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Disc shaped cleaning pads for use on cleaning apparatus, consisting of a supporting core to which a sponge is affixed. The sponge is a microporous material made from a hydroxylated polymer, the physical properties of which can be modified in the chemical growing process.

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A disposable shower curtain including a holder having a mandrel with inner and outer telescoping segments normally expanded by a spring. Stationary feet, one carried by each of the telescoping segments, bears against the opposed walls of a conventional shower stall and rotatably support the mandrel. ...

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A thermal actuator, also known as a heat capacitance motor, derives its energy from the physical expansion of paraffin wax as it changes from solid to liquid when heated within an enclosure such as a cylinder. This energy is converted into mechanical force which causes translation of a piston slidab ...

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A cable tester, which is adapted to be used by persons not expertly skilled in the technical characteristics of local area networks (LANs), is disclosed. The tester incorporates a time domain reflectometer which starts a counter upon the generation of an incident signal pulse and utilizes a comparat ...

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A truck bed partition including a cargo cage pivotally mounted to a truck bed by mounting members. Truck bed partition 10 is pivotally mounted to side walls of the truck bed proximate the front wall or the rear wall.

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A game projectile is configured as a polyhedron rather than being spherical or cylindrical in shape. The projectile is independently supported above the low friction base by which it moves across the playing surface. Provision may be made to permit the polyhedron to rotate about its independent supp ...