Hani Badawi
Weiguo Liu, Morris S Young, M Hani Badawi: Low etch pit density (EPD) semi-insulating GaAs wafers. Dla Piper Us, November 13, 2008: US20080280427-A1

A method for manufacturing wafers using a low EPD crystal growth process and a wafer annealing process is provided that results in GaAs/InGaP wafers that provide higher device yields from the wafer.

Charles T Watt: System and method for dynamic server allocation and provisioning. Racemi, DLA Piper US, May 1, 2007: US07213065 (127 worldwide citation)

A management tool that streamlines the server allocation and provisioning processes within a data center is provided. The system, method, and computer program product divide the server provisioning and allocation into two separate tasks. Provisioning a server is accomplished by generating a fully co ...

Michael Sprauve, Manish Thakur, Ravi Verma, Brent Bilger: Home entertainment system and method. Home Director, DLA Piper US, June 19, 2007: US07234115 (123 worldwide citation)

An entertainment system and method including controllable components dispersed among a plurality of locations and each having attributes associated therewith, a plurality of interconnections between the controllable components, a plurality of user interface devices, and a controller that generates g ...

Barry Cinnamon, Emanuel Edward Levy: Mounting system for a solar panel. Andalay Solar, DLA Piper US, August 5, 2008: US07406800 (119 worldwide citation)

An integrated module frame and racking system for a solar panel is disclosed. The solar panel comprises a plurality of solar modules and a plurality of splices for coupling the plurality of solar modules together. The plurality of splices provide a way to make the connected modules mechanically rigi ...

Raymond F Ratcliff III: Method and apparatus for sharing information using a handheld device. Hemisphere II Investment, DLA Piper US, June 24, 2008: US07392287 (85 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for sending information to a data processing apparatus for identifying a document to share with a recipient. A handheld device is capable of communicating with the data processing apparatus. Information is captured from the document and stored in the handheld device as documen ...

Shigeru Osawa, Kazuto Morikawa: Lamp having outer shell to radiate heat of light source. Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation, DLA Piper US, July 20, 2010: US07758223 (83 worldwide citation)

A lamp includes an outer shell having heat conductivity, a base provided in the outer shell, and a cover provided in the outer shell. The outer shell has a light source support, and a heat radiating surface exposed to the outside of the outer shell. The light source support is formed integral with t ...

Bomy Chen: Phase change memory device employing thermally insulating voids and sloped trench, and a method of making same. Silicon Storage Technology, DLA Piper US, July 3, 2007: US07238959 (81 worldwide citation)

A phase change memory device, and method of making the same, that includes a trench formed in insulation material having opposing sidewalls that are inwardly sloping with trench depth. A first electrode is formed in the trench. Phase change memory material is formed in electrical contact with the fi ...

Ashish A Pandya: Complex symbol evaluation for programmable intelligent search memory. DLA Piper US, November 2, 2010: US07827190 (79 worldwide citation)

Memory architecture provides capabilities for high performance content search. The architecture creates an innovative memory that can be programmed with content search rules which are used by the memory to evaluate presented content for matching with the programmed rules. When the content being sear ...

David A Gough, Michael C Jablecki, Joseph Y Lucisano, Mark B Catlin: Tissue implantable sensors for measurement of blood solutes. The Regents of the University of California, DLA Piper US, July 24, 2007: US07248912 (69 worldwide citation)

A tissue-implantable sensor for measurement of solutes in fluids and gases, such as oxygen and glucose, is provided. The sensor includes a multiplicity of detectors, constructed and arranged to improve the probability that one or more detectors will have access to a vascular source at points in time ...

Norman D McCollough Jr: Photoelectric controller for electric street lighting. Hendrix Wire & Cable, DLA Piper US, R Blake Johnston, May 6, 2008: US07369056 (67 worldwide citation)

An electric street light controller apparatus and monitoring method allows automatic street light turn-on and turn-off characteristics to be field programmable using RFID technology, lamp current magnitude recording, auxiliary sensor input, diagnostic alarming and data storage for later retrieval in ...