David Sherrer
Mindaugas F Dautartas, David W Sherrer, Neal Ricks, Dan A Steinberg: Optical device package for flip-chip mounting. Adrian T Calderone, Dilworth & Barrese, May 22, 2003: US20030095759-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

An optical device package includes a substrate; an optical fiber, a frame, and optionally a lid and an optical semiconductor component. The upper surface of the frame includes conductive vias extending vertically to solder balls on its upper surface. Conductive traces along the surface of the substr ...

David Sherrer
David W Sherrer: Optical connector system. Adrian T Calderone, Dilworth & Barrese, January 9, 2003: US20030007740-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A system for aligning two optical connectors includes first and second connectors each having optical components housed therein. The first connector has V-shaped opposite side walls which define grooves therealong. The second connector has a pair of recesses defined in the front face which are dimen ...

Keith L Milliman, Frank J Viola, Joseph Orban III, Randolph F Lehn: Surgical stapling apparatus. Dilworth & Barrese, June 5, 2001: US06241139 (955 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling device particularly suited for endoscopic procedures is described. The device can be used with both articulating and non-articulating disposable loading units and has a sensing mechanism for sensing the type of disposable loading unit secured to the device.

Sal Falciglia: Computer-based system and method for playing a bingo-like game. Sal Falciglia SR Falciglia Enterprises, Dilworth & Barrese, August 10, 1999: US05935002 (539 worldwide citation)

A device for playing a bingo-style game including an input device for receiving user inputs; a display for displaying a graphic user interface (GUI); and a processor. The GUI includes a five column by five row random number display matrix; five display regions; and a plurality of user-actuatable ico ...

John Chaco, Israel Hersh, Dmitry Orlovsky, Joe Vincens: Patient care and communication system. Executone Information Systems, Dilworth & Barrese, October 13, 1998: US05822544 (534 worldwide citation)

A patient care and communication system which utilizes a central processing system and a plurality of remote stations electrically connected to the central processing system to facilitate audio, visual and data communications. The central processing system facilitates the audio, visual and data comm ...

Sal Falciglia: Apparatus for playing bingo on a slot machine. Slingo, Dilworth & Barrese, July 15, 1997: US05647798 (475 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for playing the game of bingo on a slot machine is disclosed. The bingo slot machine includes a display matrix capable of generating random numbers and a plurality of wheels, the number of wheel corresponding to the number of columns used in the display matrix, and a slot mach ...

David T Green: Surgical fastener cartridge. United States Surgical Corporation, Dilworth & Barrese, April 11, 1989: US04819853 (453 worldwide citation)

A surgical fastener apparatus possesses an improved fastener cartridge component. The cartridge includes a fastener holder pivotally connected to an anvil assembly, there being defined upon the opposed surfaces of said holder and anvil, gripping means for taking up the pulling and preventing or impe ...

Sal Falciglia: Computer-based system and method for playing a poker-like game. Dilworth & Barrese, October 26, 1999: US05971849 (418 worldwide citation)

A computer-based system and method allow at least one player to play a poker-like game using a computer. A processor processes inputs through a graphic user interface (GUI). A display displays the GUI, including: a five column by five row display matrix, in which each column and row combination incl ...

Todd M Boyce, Albert Manrique, Nelson L Scarborough, James L Russell: Bone-derived implant for load-supporting applications. Osteotech, Dilworth & Barrese, May 4, 1999: US05899939 (375 worldwide citation)

A bone-derived implant is provided which is made up of one or more layers of fully mineralized or partially demineralized cortical bone and, optionally, one or more layers of some other material. The layers constituting the implant are assembled into a unitary structure to provide an implant exhibit ...

John W Boyle, Lawrence A Shimp, David R Kaes, John W Morris, Erik O Martz, Todd M Boyce, Mark Daugherty: Ramp-shaped intervertebral implant. Osteotech, Dilworth & Barrese, August 21, 2001: US06277149 (363 worldwide citation)

A ramp-shaped intervertebral implant is disclosed. The implant has a body having a first end, a second end, a top surface and a bottom surface. At least one of the top and bottom surfaces is tapered and converges towards the second end of the body. An opening extends through the body and has one end ...