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A technique to reduce the latency of a remote DNS lookup operation is disclosed. More specifically, a machine-readable medium, method, device, and system are described that scan a document when it is retrieved from the Internet. The scan takes place for one or more patterns, where each pattern denot ...

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In one embodiment, a method for providing power management via virtualization includes monitoring the utilization of a host platform device by one or more virtual machines and managing power consumption of the host platform device based on the results of monitoring.

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A method comprising automatic installation of device drives in which an operating system or other device installation code obtains a unique identifier from a device, uses that unique identifier to locate a driver for the device, downloads the driver from that location, and completes the installation ...

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A method and system are disclosed. In one embodiment the method includes computing, during runtime, an active hash value of a hypervisor on a computer platform using an authenticated integrity agent. The method also includes comparing the active hash value to a registered hash reference value. The m ...

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An integrated circuit device, such as a processor initiates a transition to a first power management state. The device then receives a request to exit the first power management state and, in response exits the first power management state at the highest of a reference operating voltage, such as a m ...

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A method for providing an appliance personality is presented comprising ascertaining a current location/location type for the electronic appliance, selecting a suitable electronic appliance personality based, at least in part, on the ascertained location/location type of the electronic appliance and ...

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Embodiments of the invention include apparatus with a level-up shifter including a comparator having a pair of cross coupled PFETs with sources coupled to an I/O power supply and gates coupled to each other's drain, and a differential pair of NFETs with sources coupled to ground and gates respective ...

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An apparatus and method are disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus trains a memory link using a signal alignment unit. The signal alignment unit aligns a read data strobe signal that is transmitted on the link with the center of a read data eye transmitted on the link. Next, the signal alignmen ...

Andre Schaefer: Fast data eye retraining for a memory. Intel Corporation, Derek J Reynolds, October 11, 2011: US08037375 (15 worldwide citation)

A method, device, and system are disclosed. In one embodiment method includes determining a left edge and right edge of a valid data eye for a memory. The method continues by periodically checking the left and right edges for movement during operation of the memory. If movement is detected, the meth ...

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A wearable data processing system includes a high power radio module and a low power radio module. The high power radio module may retrieve data from radio frequency identifier (RFID) tags. The low power radio module may transmit data to a base station data pertaining to the detected RFID tags. The ...