Guoxiao Guo Guoxiao Guo
Zhimin He, Guoxiao Guo, Hua Qian, EngHong Ong: Flexural pivot for rotary disc drive actuator. Seagate Technology, Derek J Berger, November 8, 2005: US06963472 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides for a flexural pivot that can be fitted within a cavity of an actuator. The pivot includes a first member that can be coupled to the wall defining the cavity and a second member that can be mounted to the disc drive housing component of the disc drive. At least two lea ...

Andrew Bi Qiang
Yong Y Yang, Qiang Bi, Xiong Liu, ChoonKiat Lim: Squeeze evaluations that account for low frequency components, in a controller usable in a data handling system. Seagate Technology, David K Lucente, Derek J Berger, March 1, 2005: US06862155 (22 worldwide citation)

Position error values are obtained from a transducer head while following a plurality of servo tracks with a servo loop that band-blocks a frequency range that includes F, a nominal rotation frequency. An estimated difference distribution is derived from the position error values, the difference dis ...

Andrew Bi Qiang
Qiang Bi, Xiong Liu, LeeLing Tan, Wen Jun Cao, ChoonKiat Lim: Soft sensor for operating shock in a disc drive. Seagate Technology, David K Lucente, Derek J Berger, March 25, 2008: US07349174 (4 worldwide citation)

A method of preventing a write operation to a disc in a disc drive during a shock event without the use of a separate shock sensor comprises steps of monitoring an actuator voice coil motor (VCM) control plant output signal, generating an actuator voice coil motor (VCM) plant model module output sig ...

Krishna Rameshwara Malakapalli, Kinhing Paul Tsang: Mass storage error correction and detection system, method and article of manufacture. Seagate Technology, Kirk A Cesari, Derek J Berger, October 15, 2002: US06467060 (64 worldwide citation)

Data integrity is increased on mass-storage devices through a scheme whereby, a frame-based cyclic redundancy code (CRC) for each sector is recorded. A frame-based CRC is generated from the CRCs of the frames that compose a sector of data. In recording data, a CRC is generated from each frame, later ...

Peter I Vasiliev: Physical block address recovery apparatus system and method for cyclic error correction codes. Seagate Technology, Derek J Berger, Kirk A Cesari, June 3, 2003: US06574774 (50 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to apparatus and method that provide an improved media codeword and which can distinguish an uncorrectable data error from a wrong block address error and permit the address to be recovered from readback data. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, method for gener ...

Clifton James Williamson, Schweiray Joseph Lee, Venkata Raja Gosula: Method and apparatus for error detection. Seagate Technology, David K Lucente, Derek J Berger, September 2, 2003: US06615387 (38 worldwide citation)

An error correction and miscorrection detection apparatus includes a memory buffer for storing user data contained in a data signal. A syndrome computer circuit generates a plurality of EDC syndromes form an EDC codeword. The EDC codeword includes user data encoded with a plurality of m-bit EDC pari ...

Gabor Szita: Correction of dynamic track spacing errors in storage devices. Seagate Technology, David K Lucente, Derek J Berger, August 31, 2004: US06785084 (34 worldwide citation)

The present invention offers a time efficient means to determine and eliminate dynamic track squeeze error. The present invention can be used to correct imperfections in tracks written by a conventional servowriter or using self-propagating servo writing. The dynamic track squeeze is determined with ...

Todd W Kube, Bruce Lynn Blakeslee, Alexander Wei Chang: Attachment of a head-gimbal assembly to a printed circuit board actuator arm using Z-axis conductive adhesive film. Seagate Technology, Derek J Berger, March 9, 2004: US06704165 (33 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for forming a disc drive actuator assembly. A rigid actuator arm formed of printed circuit board (PCB) material is configured for placement over a rotatable disc. A head-gimbal assembly (HGA) is provided comprising a data transducing head, a flexible suspension assembly and a co ...

Judy Lynn Westby: Method and dedicated frame buffer for loop initialization and responses. Seagate Technology, Kirk A Cesari, Derek J Berger, December 31, 2002: US06502189 (31 worldwide citation)

A fiber-channel loop interface circuit that includes a dedicated transmit-frame buffer for loop initialization and responses (“responses” are non-data frames sent in response to commands or inquiries from other nodes). Having a dedicated transmit-frame buffer allows one port of a dual-port node to b ...

Timothy Francis Ellis: Robust servo demodulation filtering method. Seagate Technology, Derek J Berger, January 13, 2004: US06678110 (30 worldwide citation)

A robust and efficient method for determining the location of a transducer head in a mass storage system. A position-indicative signal characterized by a fundamental frequency F is received from a data path including the transducer head. Energy in the signal at frequencies smaller than F/10 is subst ...

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