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A method for generating quasi-realtime feedback for the purpose of guiding surgical, therapeutic or diagnostic procedures by means of ultrasound imaging, wherein the location of a surgical tool, therapeutic radiation field or a diagnostic energy field is related to the coordinate system of an intrao ...

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First and second electrically insulating substrates are joined with each other at respective joining faces thereof. Each of the first and second insulating substrates has an annular groove at the joining face, and a plurality of through holes along outer and inner peripheries of the annular groove. ...

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The invention relates to a measuring process, the purpose of which is to increase the measuring accuracy of pulse oxymeters and comparable optical devices which are used in vivo to ascertain oxygen saturation of arterial blood. The measuring process according to the invention is provided for the pur ...

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Red, green and blue light sources, and a shutter are provided. Photosensors are provided for detecting the luminance of each of the light sources. A controller is provided for sequentially operating each of the light sources, the shutter, and the photosensor in synchronism with each other at regular ...

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An object of the present invention is to provide composite ceramic powder containing composite ceramic particulates as constituent particulates. Each of the composite ceramic particulates is constituted of a group of first particles and a group of second particles in which the first particles are lo ...

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A beverage cup with an integral coupon panel extending from an outer seam edge of the cup and overlying the outer face of the cup wall. The coupon panel includes a central vertically downward strippable coupon integral with vertical side retaining strips along severance lines with the retaining stri ...

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One or a plurality of machined timber elements of complimentary first and second configuration wherein each element is characterized by having at least one face surface (1,2) and one abutment surface (3,4) wherein said abutment surface incorporates in said first configuration an elongate undercut sl ...

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A carton with a prize coupon formed within at least one wall of the carton and defined by peripheral severance lines. A tab, substantially smaller than the coupon, is folded over one end portion of the coupon to conceal the actual award provided by the coupon. The award is selectively exposed by a f ...

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A screw feeding device in a continuous screw driving tool includes a casing mounted on a tool body of the continuous screw driving tool. A feeder box is reciprocally movable within the casing, so that a screw carrying belt is fed by a distance corresponding to one pitch of screws carried thereon as ...

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A structural system for a building wherein multiple elongate rigid structural members, in the nature of posts and beams, include internal tensioning cables which, upon an end joining of the structural members, are interlocked and tensioned to each other and relative to a fixed foundation.