Chen Ping, Wang Yihong, Yan Muqin: Culture medium for tissue culture of golden flower tea tree. Guanxi Inst Of Forestry Seience, DENG XIAOAN, July 2, 1986: CN85102805

This invention has solved the technical key problem about rapidly propagating golden flower tea tree by tissue culture of its organs, tissue and cells. The foliar bud, end of its stem and embryo of its seed can produce the embryo body and bud clump by the culture of them in the improved ER culture m ...

Chen Yunmou, Li Guiming, Liang Zhonghui, Luo Runchang, Ma Shulin, Nong Hui, Qin Guixue, Shu Yonghong, Sun Yi, Qin Yi, Wen Yunfeng, Zheng Weisheng, Zhou Yi: Production method of glyphosate solution. Guangdong Zizhu Chemical, Deng Xiaoan, June 30, 2010: CN201010045653

The invention relates to a production method of a glyphosate solution, which comprises the following reaction processes of: generating iminodiacetic acid calcium salt through the reaction of ammonia water, chloroactic acid and lime, then changing into iminodiacetic acid hydrochloride by adding hydro ...

Chen Qiuhong, Huang Daoping, Huang Yan, Huang Zhibiao, Lao Yanwen, Li Guiqing, Lu Angen, Lu Shunzhong, Mo Jianguang, Xu Hui, Zhou Lin, Zhou Xiang: Portable device for extracting aromatic oil. Guangxi Analysis Testing Research Center Guangxi Academy of Forestry, Deng Xiaoan, July 7, 2010: CN201010108609

The invention discloses a portable device for extracting aromatic oil, which comprises four parts, namely a steam generation device (A), a distilling device (B), a condensing device (C) and a collecting device (D). The bottom of the device is provided with the crossed tube steam generation device (3 ...

Gan Xiuqin, He Huyi, He Zhangjie, Hu Bo, Li Yanying, Lu Liuying, Mo Runxiu, Ning Xiucheng, Shen Zhangyou, Wei Benhui, Wei Guangpo, Wu Yanyong, Yu Jian: Method for planting dryland crops by crashing soil. Institute of Cash Crops, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Deng Xiaoan, July 21, 2010: CN201010125942

The invention discloses a method for planting dryland crops. A rotavator is utilized to deeply loosen and crash the soil in furrows so as to crash the loose soil in a cultivated layer and plough sole and make a portion of foreign soil in the plough sole rise up to be naturally mixed with the soil in ...



Liu Qi, Wei Ruohui: Method of making refined anise fennel. Guangxi Forestry Science Research Institute, ZHANG MING DENG XIAOAN, December 31, 1986: CN85104239

The refined anise fennel is a flavouring. It can be made by dissolving fennel into tea-seed oil refined in advance with the weight ratio of 1:5-6 and stiring completely. At the temperature of negative 15 deg.C it can maintain liquid state.

Lu Lili: High-definition stereo. Lu Lili, Deng Xiaoan, January 13, 2010: CN200910114271

The invention discloses a series of high definition stereo which is characterized by comprising a full-frequency front-end circuit, a high resistance and high fidelity circuit and a devil transformer. The three parts of the high-definition stereo adopt a connecting mode that audio signals are input ...

Mo Chunhao, Ding Guandong: Sealed lubricative gaseous ring compound gasket of piston-type internal-combustion engine. Mo Chunhao, Deng Xiaoan, February 24, 2010: CN200910114369

The invention relates to a sealed lubricative gaseous ring compound gasket of a piston-type internal-combustion engine, characterized by being in a lamellar structure, an inside diameter and an outside diameter of the gasket are identical to those of an original piston gaseous ring, the gasket is mo ...

Lu Shanlin: Method for rapidly converting animal-poultry faeces into high-efficiency fertilizer. Guangxi Beiguo Bio scientific, Deng Xiaoan, March 3, 2010: CN200910114370

The invention discloses a method for rapidly converting animal-poultry faeces into high-efficiency fertilizer, which comprises the following steps: hydrolyzing animal-poultry faeces under the aciditycondition and producing amino acid (ova and germina are all killed in the process) to obtain crop syn ...