Irving Allen: In-line crimping tool. Walter Kidde & Company, DeLio and Montgomery, March 28, 1978: US04080820 (142 worldwide citation)

An in-line crimping tool having a U-shaped die holder carried by links connected symmetrically to pivotally connected arms, a ram being mounted on the arm pivot and the geometry of the parts being such that the closing together of the handle ends of the arms causes the ram to advance in a straight l ...

Jannery George E, Messinger Mark P: Cable television two-way communication system. Computer Cable Corporation, DeLio and Montgomery, January 7, 1975: US3859596 (113 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to a two-way communication for use on cable television systems where each user terminal may be individually polled for service requirements, and such requirements provided on a responsive basis. Each user terminal has a unique address and recognizes polling signals directed o ...

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A mold for use in casting concrete blocks wherein the rear and end walls are stationary, a floor or bottom wall is vertically movable, and the front wall is vertically and horizontally movable under the control of links at its ends which define a parallelogram-type mounting, the fixed side being the ...

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Apparatus for receiving a transmission including message signals each preceded by a recording device selection component and recording each message signal on a recording device identified by the selection component. The apparatus includes a plurality of recording devices, means for identifying the r ...

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A solar heat energy collecting device and system embodying the same is disclosed where the devices are used in multiple to provide the required heating capacity, and where each device includes a housing member supportable on a roof between adjacent joists or on a separate structure. A solar energy c ...

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A stringed musical instrument such as a member of the viol family, in particular a bass viol, having a string with a length longer than the classical length and hence an extended lower range. An extended neck and fingerboard are provided and a clamp at the end of the standard fingerboard releasably ...

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Precast concrete slabs are joined together to form a walk or patio-like matrix by embedding a plurality of rods in each slab and providing cavities in the bottom faces of each slab. Each rod has a hooked end portion which projects beyond opposing end walls of the slab, the hooked end portions and th ...

Martha Maunder: Back pack. DeLio and Montgomery, November 13, 1979: US04174059 (58 worldwide citation)

A back pack which may be in the form of a four-limbed animal where the limbs provide straps to couple the pack to the wearer and also provide storage space.

Noel Mousset: Lighting device with rotatable reflector. Holophane, DeLio and Montgomery, April 7, 1981: US04261029 (58 worldwide citation)

A lighting device with rotating reflector in which the lamp is eccentric so as to obtain an asymmetrical luminous flux.

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A housing for a solar energy collector which is formed of one-piece wall sections having integral flashing reglets and so formed as to provide lifting surfaces for the housings, help define an alignment and securing channel on the housing, aid in positioning a transparent cover retaining cap on the ...