Gerald L Munson, Edward P Daniels Jr, Joseph D Mallozzi: Computer game teaching method and system. Munson Electronics, DeLio & Associates, July 30, 1991: US05035625 (195 worldwide citation)

A method of teaching a student and using a computer game teaching system, a computer game and educational information contained in one or more tutorial modules. A plurality of questions contained in the tutorial module are presented to the student at pause points in the game, the scoring algorithm f ...

William Valentine, William K Valentine: Simethicone/calcium silicate composition. Valentine Enterprises, DeLio & Associates, March 6, 1990: US04906478 (60 worldwide citation)

An antigas and/or antiflatulent composition comprising an admixture combinate of liquid simethicone and powdered calcium silicate. The simethicone and calcium silicate are blended and sheared to assure a uniform free-flowing powder combined of less than 50 micron particle size. The simethicone and c ...

Anthony R Lemme: Combination vacuum/pressure pump and valve stopper for food or drink containers. Epicurean International, DeLio & Associates, July 16, 1991: US05031785 (56 worldwide citation)

A combination pressure and vacuum pump for food or drink containers including a pump housing having a pump cylinder therein, a pump head adapted for sealing engagement with a valve stopper on a food or drink container, and a piston in sliding airtight engagement with the pump cylinder; the pump cyli ...

Ferruccio DeBellis: Epi-cardial electrode with an incorporated cardiac radio-frequency receiver (C&R) for temporary heart stimulation from the outside, prearranged for permanent stimulation. P A & M S p A, DeLio & Associates, March 17, 1992: US05095903 (55 worldwide citation)

Equipment with an incorporated cardiac radio-frequency receiver (CPR) for temporary heart stimulation from the outside in case of open-heart operation, suitable to be left insitu to provide permanent stimulation if subsequently necessary. The equipment is formed of an electrode with epi-cardial stim ...

Rui P Lopes: Combination beach mat/tote bag. DeLio & Associates, May 5, 1992: US05110219 (53 worldwide citation)

A combination beach mat/tote bag made of a sheet of terry cloth or other fabric having a pair of opposed side edges and a pair of opposed end edges, the sheet preferably being of rectangular shape. A flexible strap is attached to the sheet at the corners, and each strap has an anchor pod secured on ...

Rollin W Mettler Jr: Integrated circuit module and method of making same. DeLio & Associates, January 28, 1986: US04567545 (52 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit module adapted to connect an integrated circuit to an electrical connector. A lead frame (20) with lengthened leads (22), compared to the lead frame of a conventional DIP packaged IC, is laminated to a nonconductive substrate (46). The leads (22) of the lead frame have contact ...

George W Lyons Jr: Corner patch support. The Bilco Company, DeLio & Associates, August 5, 1986: US04603517 (46 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a corner gap support used in conjunction with flashing applied to seal the seams created at the junction of a housing erected around a port in a surface, with said surface. As fabricated, the device is adapted both to fill corner gaps in said flashing and to act as a support for patchin ...

John Waggoner: Method of using a shielding means to attenuate electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency range. Enthone, DeLio & Associates, April 30, 1985: US04514586 (45 worldwide citation)

Shielding means comprising a non-conductive base material having thereon a combined electrolessly-deposited metal layer of copper over lain with a second layer.

Juan B Hajdu, Edwin W Bastenbeck: RFI shielded plastic articles and process for making same. Enthone Incorporated, DeLio & Associates, May 5, 1987: US04663240 (45 worldwide citation)

An RFI shielded enclosure and a process for making same are disclosed. The process comprises coating at least one surface of the enclosure with a fluid organic binder having a substantial percentage of catalytic particles suspended therein. The particles used cause the electroless deposition of copp ...

James R Burroughs, Alan N O Kain: Battery with strength indicator. Strategic Energy, DeLio & Associates, October 20, 1992: US05156931 (44 worldwide citation)

A battery strength indicating and switch means on a battery which is coupled across the terminals of the battery and which is provided with an indicating means to indicate the strength of the battery and in addition, the battery strength indicating means is also provided with an in-line switch which ...