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A compound of formula: wherein Ar1, A, R3, x, and m are as disclosed herein and Ar2 is a benzothiazolyl, benzooxazolyl, or benzoimidazolyl group or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof (a “Benzoazolylpiperazine Compound”), compositions comprising a Benzoazolylpiperazine Compound, and methods f ...

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There is provided a positive type resist composition formed by dissolving (A) a resin component with a unit derived from a (meth)acrylate ester in the principal chain, for which the solubility in alkali increases under the action of acid, and (B) an acid generator component which generates acid on e ...

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The present invention relates to compositions and methods for inhibiting and reversing nonenzymatic cross-linking (protein aging). Accordingly, compositions are disclosed which comprise an agent capable of inhibiting the formation of advanced glycosylation endproducts of target proteins, and which a ...

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A low power charge pump system having a plurality of charge pump cells. Each cell is a three transistor device that operates to transfer voltage from an input node to an output node of the cell when the input voltage is substantially greater than the output voltage and to block when the output volta ...

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An optical cross switch device for selectively switching light beams between a plurality of fiber optic elements. The device includes an input fiber mounting assembly for securing at least one input fiber terminating in a fiber end for radiating an associated input light beam; collimating means for ...

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The invention concerns a storage stable pharmaceutical formulation comprising preferably two active compounds in a non-swellable diffusion matrix, whereby the compounds are released from the matrix in a sustained, invariant and, if several compounds are present, independent manner and the matrix is ...

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A method and apparatus for obtaining an attribute in homogenous space. After obtaining the vertices of a triangle, the world space coordinates and the attribute of each vertex are transformed to homogeneous coordinates and an attribute in viewer space. Then a set of homogenous coefficients of the tr ...

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Provided is a method of treating or ameliorating hypertension in an animal comprising administering an effective amount of a compound of formula I:

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A food composition of the type containing a cookie or a chocolate shell and a filling based on a dairy product wherein the filling is fermented and contains live lactic acid bacteria, has a water activity (Aw) of between 0.75 and 0.81 and wherein the fat content of the filling is such that it makes ...

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A voltage regulator for providing a bidirectional current and a regulated voltage to a load. The voltage regulator regulates the output voltage at one half the level of the input voltage using a voltage doubler circuit in reverse. The regulator provides current to the load when the output voltage dr ...