John West, Scott Ganaja: Dental illumination device. John W Ryan, Dechert, May 11, 2004: US06733290 (30 worldwide citation)

An electromagnetic radiation conveyance device comprising a proximal end, a distal end, and a light directing intermediate portion. The proximal end is configured for attachment to an electromagnetic radiation emitting device. The distal end is anatomically preformed with a profile complementary to ...

Leon Kussick: Orthopedic incline appliance and method. Kussick Orthodontic Systems, Dechert Price & Rhoads, March 23, 1999: US05885073 (29 worldwide citation)

The invention provides to a prefabricated appliance for correcting many types of malocclusions typically with no more than limited use of wires or bands. The appliance is designed to be fitted stably and tightly to the upper front teeth or back teeth when needed. The appliance comprises: a teeth eng ...

Michel Perrut, Wieslaw Majewski: Method for fractionating cooking oil. John W Ryan, Dechert, October 5, 2004: US06800316 (29 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a method for fractionating cooking oil, in particular frying oil, using a solvent with supercritical pressure. The method is characterized in that it comprises steps which consist in: contacting, in a mixer, the cooking oil with the solvent with supercritical pressure; separat ...

Francis V Chisari, Andreas Cerny: Hepatitis C virus-derived peptides capable of inducing cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses. The Scripps Research Institute, Dechert Price & Rhoads, January 20, 1998: US05709995 (28 worldwide citation)

The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the major cause of non-A, non-B vital hepatitis. The most striking feature of HCV induced liver disease is its tendency toward chronicity and slowly progressive liver cell injury. HLA Class I-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses are considered to be a sine ...

Kwang H Liu, Sorin L Negru, Fu Yuan Shih: Charger system with dual-level current regulation and dual-level thermal regulation. Arquesttechnology, Anthony B Diepenbrock III, Dechert, March 1, 2005: US06861824 (27 worldwide citation)

A charging system that concurrently charges a main system and a battery for powering the main system when the charging system is connected to an adapter. The charging system includes a current sensing resistor, a first current control circuit for regulating the current in a linear battery charger an ...

Hsilin Huang: Head/data request in 3D graphics. VIA Technologies, Anthony B Diepenbrock III, Dechert, December 12, 2006: US07148888 (26 worldwide citation)

A method for efficiently processing graphics data for graphics primitives, the graphics data including vertex coordinate information and vertex attribute data. Coordinate information, in the form of homogeneous coordinates, of the graphics primitive determines whether the graphics primitive is to be ...

Steven R Wann: Method for production of plant biological products in precocious neomorphic embryoids. Union Camp Corporation, Dechert Price & Rhoads, December 15, 1998: US05850032 (23 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to making precocious neomorphic embryoids (PNE) and their use for producing biological products. Specifically, the invention provides a method for increasing taxol production from embryogenic Taxus cultures by making precocious neomorphic embryoids.

Roderick G Brown: Pressure controller. Druck, Dechert Price & Rhoads, November 26, 1996: US05579244 (23 worldwide citation)

A pressure controller of the type using pulse width modulated apply and release solenoid valves (80, 82) connected to an outlet port (74) of the controller overcomes the technical problem of poor control stability by using a digital control loop (98, 100, 76, 78) which utilizes stored bias character ...

Gary Kupperblatt, Marc S Karetny, Ramaswamy Murari, Suggy S Chrai: Multi-step drug dosage forms. Delsys Pharmaceutical Corporation, Dechert, March 9, 2004: US06702803 (23 worldwide citation)

Controlled release, multi-step drug dosage forms comprising a plurality of dose units and a plurality of separators that control release of drug from the dose units. In one embodiment, a dose unit is a single dosage amount of a drug that is electrostatically deposited onto a substrate. The dosage fo ...

Edwin E Klingman: Basic cell for N-dimensional self-healing arrays. Anthony B Diepenbrock III, Dechert, September 7, 2004: US06789212 (23 worldwide citation)

A system is described capable of excising individual cells in an N-dimensional array and healing the array connectivity without manual intervention. Thus cells that fail can be deleted and the array remain viable, although possibly requiring re-synchronization procedures to be performed. The system ...