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The present invention provides methods and compositions for preparing 4-substituted 3-hydroxybutyric acid derivatives by halohydrin dehalogenase-catalyzed conversion of 4-halo-3-hydroxybutyric acid derivatives. The present invention further provides methods and compositions for preparing 4-halo-3-hy ...

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Bead transporter chucks for selective pick up and discharging of polymer beads for chemical synthesis or analysis, whereby repulsive field conductors are arranged around bead electrodes used for selectively attracting and retaining beads. Problems of bead control are addressed by adding repulsive fi ...

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The present invention comprises a two-piece induction seal for use in creating clean, safe, and secure inner seals on containers, comprising layers of synthetic foam, absorbing synthetic polymer, an induction membrane and a heat-sensitive seal.

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A buckle for maintaining tension in a serpentine article includes a main buckle structure having an internal chamber and at least one load bearing portion therein and rotable mounted therein a cam also having at least one load bearing portion. The cam can rotate between first and open positions so t ...

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The present invention is directed to a machine with a position feedback system and a method for use thereof. The machine includes at least one movable element mounted for movement on a path and at least one programmable controller. The machine further includes at least two absolute or magnetostricti ...

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A liposome contains an active agent and has a gel-phase lipid bilayer membrane comprising phospholipid and a surface active agent. The phospholipids are the primary lipid source for the lipid bilayer membrane and the surface active agent is contained in the bilayer membrane in an amount sufficient t ...

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Distributed traveling wave oscillator circuitry is disclosed. The oscillator circuitry includes a signal path, a plurality of active switching means, and a direction promoting means. The signal path is formed from a pair of adjacent conductors and exhibits endless electric or magnetic continuity. Th ...

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A device controller for connecting a function engine that supports an application to a packet-switched serial bus to which a host device is connected. The interface device includes a serial interface engine for transferring packets between the serial bus and the function engine and an interfacing de ...

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The invention provides the DNA and amino acid sequence of dUTPase, an enzyme which is essential for life and which is increased during periods of cellular proliferation. The human form of the dUTPase enzyme has been found to have two isoforms, a nuclear and a mitochondrial isoform. Methods of determ ...

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The present invention relates to, among other things, methods of treatment of migraine headache in humans with reduced side effects by the topical administration of a migraine-ameliorating effective amount of an opioid, singly, or in combination with other pharmacological agents, including vasoconst ...