Urs A Ramel: Lancet device. Actimed Laboratories, Dechert Price & Rhoads, July 30, 1996: US05540709 (303 worldwide citation)

A lancet device includes a body within which is slidably located a trigger and fixedly located a base. The base contains, in an armed position, the lance with its needle and a spring affixed to the lance. The trigger includes a mechanism to release the lance during use.

William H Ryan: Adjustable weight golf club. Dechert Price & Rhoads, September 7, 1999: US05947840 (157 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides for golf clubs, in particular woods, which include a three dimensional weighting system including at least two weight ports which are attached to the outside of the clubhead. The weights are directly axially aligned to, and form an equilateral triangle with the clubs c ...

Michael Zhu: Method and apparatus for web caching. PointRed Technologies, Justin F Boyce, Dechert, January 24, 2006: US06990526 (152 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for web caching is disclosed. The method and apparatus may be implemented in hardware, software or firmware. Complementary cache management modules, a coherency module and a cache module(s) are installed complementary gateways for data and for clients respectively. The coheren ...

Paul S Eftis, Oleg Panashchenko: System using HTTP protocol for maintaining and updating on-line presence information of new user in user table and group table. Planet Exchange, Dechert, January 30, 2007: US07171473 (138 worldwide citation)

A computer-implemented process facilitates communication with an entity over a network. A static HTTP URL is associated with the entity. Communications information reflecting the entity's current online presence including the entity's dynamic session information as determined using the HTTP protocol ...

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The present invention provides 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds that inhibit the IgE and/or IgG receptor signaling cascades that lead to the release of chemical mediators, intermediates and methods of synthesizing the compounds and methods of using the compounds in a variety of contexts, including in ...

Rajinder Singh, Ankush Argade, Hui Li, Somasekhar Bhamidipati, David Carroll, Catherine Sylvain, Jeffrey Clough, Holger Keim: Methods of treating or preventing autoimmune diseases with 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds. Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Dechert, October 17, 2006: US07122542 (125 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides methods of treating or preventing autoimmune diseases with 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds, as well as methods of treating, preventing or ameliorating symptoms associated with such diseases. Specific examples of autoimmune diseases that can be treated or prevented with ...

Donald P Decinque: Internet-based video ordering system and method. Teluve Corporation, Dechert, September 4, 2001: US06286139 (120 worldwide citation)

A system and method for ordering video content through the Internet. The system includes a customer interface accessible to a customer, at which the customer obtains information about video content and inputs order information using an interactive device. An Internet server in communication with the ...

Robert W Horst: Active muscle assistance device and method. Tibion Corporation, Leah Sherry, Dechert, November 22, 2005: US06966882 (114 worldwide citation)

A method for controlling movement using an active powered device including an actuator, joint position sensor, muscle stress sensor, and control system. The device provides primarily muscle support although it is capable of additionally providing joint support (hence the name “active muscle assistan ...

Hoi Cheong Steve Sun, Timothy Allen Pletcher: Method of depositing particles with an electrostatic chuck. Delsys Pharmaceutical, Dechert, December 30, 2003: US06670038 (113 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to electrostatic chucks, methods for their use, the electrostatic deposition of objects, such as particles in a dry powder, onto recipient substrates, and the recipient substrates themselves that have been subjected to electrostatic deposition. In one aspect, the pr ...

Takeshi Iwai, Naotaka Kubota, Satoshi Fujimura, Miwa Miyairi, Hideo Hada: Positive resist composition and method of forming resist pattern from the same. Tokyo Ohka Kogyo, Ben Bedi Esq, Dechert, July 11, 2006: US07074543 (90 worldwide citation)

There is provided a positive type resin composition comprising (A) a resin component comprising within the principal chain a structural unit derived from a (meth)acrylate ester and incorporating an acid dissociable, dissolution inhibiting group containing a polycyclic group on an ester side chain se ...