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A WiMAX network and communication method, the network including a plurality of WiMAX nodes deployed in micro or pico cells for providing access service to a plurality of mobile subscribers, a plurality of these nodes being arranged in a cluster, one of the nodes in each cluster being a feeder node c ...

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A pistol converter including a body defining a forward pistol barrel engaging portion, a stock coupled to the body, and a rear engagement member for firmly engaging an external portion of a rear of a frame of the pistol.

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An accessory holder including a housing for holding an accessory and a switching mechanism operable independently from at least two locations on the holder for actuating an accessory in the housing. In particular, the accessory holder can be mounted on a T-grip.

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The present invention relates to an infrared detection countermeasure system for enabling concealment of objects from identification by thermal imaging night vision systems and/or for deception of heat seeking missiles. The system comprises a screen formed of at least one thermoelectric module, coup ...