Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry: Sterile wound cleansing dispenser with spray shield and method of making a dispenser. Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, August 15, 1995: US05441174 (14 worldwide citation)

A wound cleansing solution dispenser that indicates the volume of liquid remaining and reduces medical waste. A shield is mounted onto the dispenser to prevent any contaminated fluids from splashing onto the care giver. The dispenser can be brought in a sterile condition to the patient free from any ...

Franz Sutter, Fritz Straumann, Joram Raveh: Device comprising an implant and screws for fastening said implant to a bone, and a device for connecting two separated pieces of bone. Synthes, Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, November 27, 1984: US04484570 (680 worldwide citation)

A plate is provided with clearance holes and fastening screws. Each screw is provided in the region of its head with a clamping part subdivided into tongues by means of slots and provided with an internal opening bounded by a conical surface. To each screw belongs an expander having a conical outer ...

Raymond L Curtis, Urs Schlegel, Thomas Heldstab: Expanding suture anchor. Synthes, Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, November 7, 1995: US05464427 (463 worldwide citation)

The suture anchor comprises a first main body (11) of a generally cylindrical shape having a front portion (1), a rear portion (2), a longitudinal axis (3), a curved surface (4) with protrusions (5), a central through-going bore (19) extending from said front portion (1) to said rear portion (2), an ...

Joseph S Nadan: Restricted information distribution system apparatus and methods. Market Data Corporation, Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, June 14, 1994: US05321750 (375 worldwide citation)

A system for securely providing restricted display information having an encoder-transmitter for transmitting selected update data using information identification codes as enabling reception keys and a plurality of uniquely identified decoder-receivers for receiving the update data for display on a ...

Kaj Klaue: Surgical compression plate and drill guide. Synthes, Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, January 15, 1985: US04493317 (323 worldwide citation)

A surgical compression plate is provided which is designed to permit the insertion of bone screws at angles up to 45.degree.. A drill guide capable of tilting to various angles, for use in connection with the novel plate is also disclosed.

Jeffrey W Mast: Screw nut for plate osteosynthesis. Synthes, Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, December 14, 1993: US05269784 (298 worldwide citation)

This screw nut (1) is designed for the rigid fixation of a bone screw (15) to a bone plate (20) having plate holes (21). It has a generally cylindrical body (5,6) with a central axis (2), a central hole (3) with a hole axis (34) and an internal thread (4) designed to receive a bone screw (15). The b ...

Burton L Greenberg: Method and apparatus for the automatic identification and verification of television broadcast programs. Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, January 27, 1987: US04639779 (292 worldwide citation)

An improved method and apparatus for identifying and verifying the proper airing of television broadcast programs wherein from the television broadcast, it can be assured that the programs were televised and received properly and aired at the scheduled time. The invention utilizes prerecorded or liv ...

David E Goodman, Daniel S Goldberger: Tissue penetrating apparatus and methods. Sextant Medical Corporation, Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, October 24, 1995: US05460182 (291 worldwide citation)

A tissue penetrating apparatus including a surgical appliance having a sharp tip for penetrating tissue, a first optical element for emitting one or more selected monochromatic wavelengths of light, and a second optical element for sensing light corresponding to the one or more selected monochromati ...

Stephan N Perren, Fritz Straumann, Franz Sutter, Slobodan Tepic: Point contact bone compression plate. Synthes, Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, October 1, 1991: US05053036 (290 worldwide citation)

A bone plate for use in osteosynthesis having a plurality of contact elements extending from its lower surface so that contact between plate and bone is reduced to the minimum contact needed during attachment of the plate to a bone.

Michael Sherman: Open backed pedicle screw. Synthes, Davis Hoxie Faithfull & Hapgood, December 19, 1989: US04887596 (285 worldwide citation)

A pedicle screw for use in internal fixation of the spine comprising a shaft threaded at one end for insertion into a bone and, at the other end, having a yoke for receiving a rod, said yoke having a cusp adapted to bear against the rod and means for clamping the rod against the cusp, while permitti ...