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Within the scope is a method for detecting the variator slip in continuously variable transmission (CVT transmission). The tribologic slip is detected by monitoring a rotating variator according to vibration and a subsequent evaluation.

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The invention concerns a multi-step transmission with at least 7 forward gears, with which transmission on the input drive shaft (

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A method and apparatus for storing data in a mass storage system implementing striped RAID technology by topological categorization and ordering of the data according to the topology of the storage areas. A mass storage system includes a mass storage space for storing data items of a plurality of da ...

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A communications passthrough mechanism for high availability network communications between a shared system resource and clients of the system resource. The system resource includes a control/processing sub-system including multiple peer blade processors. A port of each blade processor is connected ...

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A communication system is proposed for transmitting at least one of the data, the program, and a combination of them from a host facility to a communicator such as a communication terminal device. In this communication system, the data or the program becomes unable to be used when a predetermined ti ...

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A multi speed transmission comprising planetary gearsets (P1, P2, P3, P4), shafts and shift elements. The sun gear of gearset (P1) couples shaft (4) which can couple housing (G) via brake (04) and the carrier of set (P1) couples shaft (3) which can couple housing (G), via brake (03), and drive shaft ...

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A multi-stage transmission comprising planetary gearsets (P1, P2, P3, P4), shafts, and shift elements. Gearsets (P1, P2) form a front -mounted gear gearset and gearsets (P3, P4) form a main gearset. The carriers of gearsets (P1, P2) are coupled via shaft (4) which couples a main gearset element. The ...

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An apparatus for interrogating an electronic circuit supported by a substrate includes a tester external to the substrate and comprising an tester transceiver. A testing circuit is supported by the substrate and connected to the electronic circuit. The testing circuit includes a processor and a test ...