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Sustained release oral solid dosage forms of opioid analgesics are provided as multiparticulate systems which are bioavailable and which provide effective blood levels of the opioid analgesic for at least about 24 hours. A unit dose of the opioid analgesic contains a plurality of substrates includin ...

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In certain embodiments the invention is directed to a process for preparing an oxycodone hydrochloride composition having less than 25 ppm of 14-hydroxycodeinone.

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The invention is directed to oral modified/controlled release methylphenidate formulations which provide a rapid initial onset of effect and a prolonged duration of effect. Preferably, the peak concentration is lower than that provided by the reference standard for immediate release methylphenidate ...

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A stable solid controlled release formulation having a coating derived from an aqueous dispersion of a hydrophobic acrylic polymer includes a substrate including an active agent selected from the group consisting of a systemically active therapeutic agent, a locally active therapeutic agent, a disin ...

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The present invention relates to an air-tight closure for enhancing accessibility to contents of a container when the container is opened and for preventing exposure of the container contents to ambient air when the container is closed. The invention further relates to re-closable containers includi ...


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An oral dosage form of morphine is formulated by powder-layering an homogeneous mixture of morphine sulfate and hydrous lactose impalpable onto inert beads to obtain a multiparticulate product. A plurality of the powder-layered beads may be administered either in immediate release form or in an exte ...

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A method of treating pain, e.g., acute post-operative pain, by administering to a human patient(s) a therapeutically effective dose of tramadol intravenously over a prolonged time period is disclosed. In certain embodiments, the dose is intravenously administered in a time period from about 10 minut ...

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A metal anchoring fastener fastens millwork onto walls constructed with wall cladding fastened to steel studs. The load typical of a loaded cabinet is borne by the steel stud anchors owing to the mate between the profile of the steel stud anchor and the layers of millwork and wall cladding and steel ...

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A method of effectively treating hypertension in humans is achieved by administering felodipine via a transdermal formulation. Preferably, the transdermal formulation is applied to the skin of the patient and maintained in contact with the skin for at least about 24 hours days, and preferably for ab ...