Parichay Saxena
Parichay Saxena, Sheng Dong, Alexandra Nsonwu: Voice recognition for animated agent-based navigation. Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, David W Heid, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson, April 23, 2002: US06377928 (109 worldwide citation)

A method of operation of a computer system for processing an arbitrary document such as a World Wide Web page to provide additional information not immediately available from the raw, unprocessed document. This additional information allows a user to navigate and control the content of the document ...



Ehud Peless, Shai Abramson, Gideon Dror: Navigation method and system for autonomous machines with markers defining the working area. Friendly Robotics, David W Heid, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson, July 3, 2001: US06255793 (215 worldwide citation)

A method for automatically operating a robot, attached to a lawnmower or other unmanned machine, within an enclosed area is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: 1) providing the following elements: a proximity sensor positioned on the robot, a boundary along the perimeter of the working area ...

Mee Young Yoon, Sang In Lee, Hyun Seok Lim: Semiconductor device fabrication method using an interface control layer to improve a metal interconnection layer. Samsung Electronics Company, David W Heid, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson, March 19, 2002: US06358829 (182 worldwide citation)

A method for fabricating a semiconductor device having an aluminum (Al) interconnection layer with excellent surface morphology forms an interface control layer having a plurality of atomic layers before forming the Al interconnection layer. In the fabrication method, an interlayer dielectric (ILD) ...

T Jerome Weber: System and method for sonic positioning. David W Heid, William L Paradice III, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson Franklin & Friel, February 13, 1996: US05491670 (137 worldwide citation)

A system and method for determining the position of an automatically guided vehicle within a workspace is disclosed which operates by detecting sounds generated by beacons placed within the workspace. The time for the beacon sounds to reach the vehicle is measured and a distance to each beacon is de ...

Yong Hwan Kwon, Sa Yoon Kang: Chip scale package and method for manufacturing the same using a redistribution substrate. Samsung Electronics, David W Heid, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson, May 22, 2001: US06235552 (136 worldwide citation)

A method for manufacturing a chip scale package includes: providing a redistribution substrate; attaching a semiconductor wafer to the redistribution substrate; forming external terminals on the redistribution substrate; and separating the semiconductor wafer and the redistribution substrate into in ...

Russell L Tucker, Mark S McCall, Bernabe R Lovina: Optical network unit (ONU) mechanical enclosure. Next Level Communications, David W Heid, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson Franklin & Friel, October 27, 1998: US05828807 (97 worldwide citation)

A mechanical enclosure for an optical network unit (ONU). The enclosure includes a frame having a first opening and a second opening opposite the first opening. A partition divides the frame into a first compartment which houses the electronics and optics of the ONU, and a second compartment which h ...

Jun Nakanowatari, Makoto Tomoyori, Kazuyoshi Sasaki: Display method, device for realizing same and displaying medium used therefor. Alps Electric, Guy W Shoup, David W Heid, April 14, 1992: US05105185 (86 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method and a device for displaying letters, images, etc. as well as a displaying medium used therefor, by which a display medium obtained by superposing a photoconductive layer, in which microcapsules are dispersed on a substrate. The microcapsules enclose a liquid ...

Milton D Ribeiro, Kent Kernahan: Switching power converter employing pulse frequency modulation control. FyreStorm, MacPherson Kwok Chen & Heid, David W Heid, Michael W Caldwell, May 22, 2007: US07221130 (78 worldwide citation)

A method for controlling a switching power converter provides an efficient algorithm for controlling the output voltage across loads that are relatively light with small transients. When the output voltage is at or below a predetermined first magnitude, a determination is made of the charge required ...